Celebrating the First Day of Spring and Getting Ready for Easter

Spring is here! The little purple flowers have popped up through my flower garden, despite the weeds. I think it’s a miracle every year that they come back, always between St. Patty’s day and the first day of spring. How do they know it’s time? 

To celebrate the first day of spring, the core phasers and the love of learner in the home and I planted some Easter grass. Every year at Easter time I complain to myself about how messy our fake Easter grass is. Every year I recall some vague directions I read somewhere about how to have real Easter grass in your Easter baskets. The basic idea is to sprout some seeds, like wheat berries, in a thin layer of dirt in your Easter baskets. I have never remembered in the past to plan ahead and do this, but this year, with Easter less than 3 weeks away, I remembered!

We have some spelt kernels that my mom in law brought up when she visited last month so we used those. It was such a welcome break to forego our regular school routine, and as soon as the breakfast dishes were done and the laundry folded, to break out the Easter baskets and decorations. Venture eagerly went to our garden patch and dug up some good black dirt into a bucket and brought it inside. We lined the baskets with aluminum foil so the dirt won’t fall through the holes and then put some dirt in and then the spelt and then a little bit of water. While we were at it I figured it would be fun to start some other seeds sprouting in egg cartons, so we planted some peas and other seeds. 

I am also remembering another thing to do for Easter ahead of time, and that is purging! The book that my husband’s cousin Janet Hilton Hales wrote, A Christ Centered Easter, recommends that you dejunk your home as part of your Easter preparations. This is symbolic of Jesus cleaning out the moneychangers from the temple on the Monday of Easter week. For us, it takes much more than the Monday before Easter to deep clean. So yesterday we worked on cleaning out under the boys’ bunkbeds. We are going to focus every morning, from now until probably past Easter, on spring cleaning: purging junk out and scrubbing! It feels good. It is so liberating to know that for homeschool it is OK to do chores with the little ones. Not all learning comes from academics.

I highly recommend this book and suggest you get it now from deseretbook.com to prepare for a Christ-centered Easter.

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