I Want this for my Daughters: a Fairy Tale Themed-Wedding Reception, and a Great Book to Match

I went to this amazing wedding reception last week for Aneladee Milne’s son Brady. The bride had come up with the most gorgeous theme ever. I never would have thought of this for a wedding reception, even though it is such a familiar theme: fairy tales. Her decorations were objects that represented fairy tales. She had Cinderella’s glass slipper and pumpkin, a rose and a lantern from Beauty and the Beast, and an apple from Snow White. These are all pictures from the reception. It was held on the 18th floor of the Zion’s Bank building kitty corner from the Salt Lake Temple, in the Founder’s Room. I loved seeing the portraits of the prophets on the wall.

Why didn’t I think of this? It was so charming!

Every little girl, if raised in a healthy way, dreams of growing up and marrying a Prince Charming. This is born of an in-born natural knowing that we are daughters of a King, our Heavenly Father. We are princesses, each a queen in embryo.

The beautiful bride Alicia. (Sorry for the glare on the photo, I was being rushed out the door by family members who were so ready to be done and I didn’t have time to retake the picture with the flash off. )

I remember my wedding day, when I got married in the Manti LDS Temple. As my parents drove me to the temple and we reached that last stretch of road that goes to the temple, I felt like a princess going to my castle to get married to my handsome husband.

A few weeks ago I discovered this treasure of a book pictured above at our public library, The Parable of the Princesses by LDS singer Jenny Phillips. It tells the story of the plan of salvation with a princess motif. The artwork by Dan Burr is absolutely gorgeous and the story is powerful. It also comes with a CD of music by Jenny. My husband read this as a bedtime story to my little girl as she fell asleep in her sleeping bag on the floor of the living room with a fire glowing in the fireplace. The Spirit burned as bright as the fire as he read the story. Dh and I had been to the temple that afternoon, my first time to the Salt Lake Temple for an endowment session. It was the perfect way to cap off the evening.

The next day my older daughter read the story and it helped her through an emotional problem. I am grateful for beautiful books like this. Thank you Jenny for writing it. I only wish the cover was pink!

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