Come See Shakespeare Japanese Style, and Learn to Do an Elegant Geisha Hairstyle

After months of preparing, my son’s Shakespeare Conquest class is ready to deliver! The class is performing Much Ado About Nothing, set in Japanese feudal times, complete with samurai and stage crew dressed as ninjas!

Thurs, Fri, Sat May 10-12 @ 7 PM

and Sat at 3 PM as well

Bountiful Heights Church

corner of 400 North and 400 East in Bountiful UT

tickets are $3 a person, bring money for concessions as well, I’m pretty sure gluten free cookies will be there!

All the youth will have amazing hair, including topknots and extensions. My son has been growing out his hair for months. I love the fu-man-chu on one of the students picture above. Thanks to mom Coni Sue Cutler for her amazing hair talents.

All the girls in the play have geisha hairstyles, so lots of moms and sisters and cans of hairspray are being recruited. The costumes and hair in this play are incredibly gorgeous! I was there on Monday for the cast photo shoot and was amazed at the beauty. So come enjoy Shakespeare Japanese style!

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