Have You Seen Time Magazine’s Latest Cover of Extended Breastfeeding? Go Dr. Sears!

Wow! 19 years ago I was pregnant with my first baby. I worked as a laboratory assistant to a medical doctor at the Univ. of Utah Med School, helping him with his research work with radioactive isotopes and other complicated things I’ve forgotten about. I’ve always loved to read, so I read a ton of pregnancy and childbirth books that summer. The first parenting book I bought at the U. of U. bookstore was The Baby Book by Dr. Sears. I instantly fell in love with Dr. Sears’ philosophy of attachment parenting and embraced most of it from the start, doing the breastfeeding and babywearing things (my dh bought the sling pictured above when Valor was just a few weeks old), although the cosleeping took two more kids for me to fully jive with, so that I didn’t even unpack the crib until baby #3 was a toddler and our bedsharing bed needed more room. We attached the crib as a sidecar with the side detached.

So I am so thrilled that Dr. Sears has an article about him in the latest issue of Time Magazine, as the man who “remade motherhood.” In my circles of La Leche League and attachment parenting mothers, Dr. Sears is nothing less than a legend. I have had the privilege of hearing him speak live at least twice. I came close enough to him to reach out and touch and ask to shake his hand and get his autograph, but my shyness overcame my “groupiness.” I’ve always thought it was cool that his wife Martha is a La Leche League Leader and I’ve also enjoyed listening to her speak as well. At LLL Leader meetings, my girlfriends and I have fantasized about having him as our pediatrician. (I have to confess that for years I let my natural granola momness come to its fullest and didn’t even take my kids to the doctor, but then my dh became a public defender and got worried about not having a track record of medical doctor records for our kids.)  It’s about time Dr. Bill got some recognition in something big like Time.

I’m not sure how I feel about the cover photo of a mom nursing her almost 4 year old http://healthland.time.com/2012/05/10/has-motherhood-gone-to-extremes/, with most of her breast exposed. I have breastfed some of my children for 4 to 5 years, but I would rather do it discreetly and see others do it discreetly. As attachment parenting author Elizabeth Pantley says on Facebook, “Glad to see the topic covered, but don’t feel the photo will help the cause of normalizing BF in public.” I agree! To quote my friend and TOLM network member Sally B, “Way to make something biologically normal into a freak show. She’s a lovely mother, but her three year old looks like he could be eight! One thing’s sure: this will certainly start a discussion about breastfeeding! LOL!” I haven’t read all the articles, but I like the Q and A with the extended breastfeeding mom on the cover, featured here http://healthland.time.com/2012/05/10/q-a-with-jamie-lynne-grumet/

If anyone wants to interview with KSL about the cover photo and the articles, here’s your chance! KSL put the following announcement on Facebook:

“Attachment parenting – what do you think? How old is too old to breastfeed?
Time Magazine’s recent cover is causing a lot of talk — we want to talk about the issue. We’re looking for moms who want to talk to on camera, email social@ksl.com. “

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