A Class from GWC at SLC for Scholar Parents and Scholar Youth

You are invited to attend a special workshop in Salt Lake City this summer. This seminar has been designed especially for students seeking to make the most of our curriculum, in particular those seeking to make class and study time as effective as possible. We’ve constructed this event to do precisely that. This fall will bring another raising of the bar in rigor and quality of the GWU experience, and students who take this program seriously will benefit the most. We also invite serious students of the classics from the general public interested in maximizing their study capacity.

City and County BuildingThis seminar will be held at the historic City and County Building in Salt Lake City.

The dates to mark are June 8-9. The registration deadline is this Friday, June 1st.

Students attending the workshop are expected to come with the purpose in mind of enhancing both their own study and the shared classroom experience.

Areas of focus will include the following:

  • The 5 critical types of questions and how to use them as a lens during study and discussion.
  • The do’s and don’ts of quality Socratic discussion.
  • How to look deeper into the text for symbols, archetypes, analogies, parables, worldviews, themes, etc.
  • How to consistently distinguish principles from their substitutes and counterfeits. How also to look for their most appropriate applications.
  • How to prepare to read any type of classical text for maximum benefit.
  • How to mark a book effectively to organize thoughts and ideas, quotes, themes, author assumptions and conclusions, characters, plots, chapter summaries, etc. to help you better prepare for colloquia as well as oral and written examinations.
  • Applying the most effective tools for writing papers and speeches.
  • Using the most efficient tools for research and analysis.

The Friday evening presentation is free to the public. You are welcome to bring friends and family, but because space is limited, attendees should register to reserve their seats. The Saturday workshop will run from 9AM to 5PM with a 90 minute lunch break. Non GWU students are welcome to register as well. The cost on Saturday is $145 per person.

We strongly encourage all students planning to attend GWU this fall to participate in this workshop.

To register, please visit our events page.

George Wythe University

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