Fun Youth Simulation Coming Up!

The youth conference I originally planned for Saturday June 2 has been changed to being an all-day simulation on a new day, Tuesday June 5. 
It will be held from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Faber home in Bountiful, UT. Cost is $35 for the first child in the family, $30 for the second child, and $25 for each additional child. It is for youth ages 12 to 18.
Cost includes lunch. The simulation is designed to help youth increase their love for virtue, wholesome gender roles, liberty, and purity of heart. If any of you came to the simulation we did at the youth conference last year, you know how fun that was! This one will be just as fun if not even more so!
Please register  for it by sending money to the paypal account “” with names and ages of youth. We will send you a confirmation and the address to the location.
It’s going to be lots of fun! So register today!
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