Who Wants to Discuss the Hunger Games?


Last night my dh and 16 year old daughter and I attended the GWU seminar about “Unlocking the Door to the Great Conversation,” presented by Audrey Rindlisbacher, who owns the http://tenboominstitute.com. The information was so enlightening and edifying. I got to see a friend who used to come to our Veggie Gals potlucks over seven years ago.  More on a recap of the seminar and my joyful reunion later!


Audrey said she is conducting a free teleconference call on The Hunger Games this coming Tuesday. So to get a feel for Audrey’s opinion I asked her what she thought of Harry Potter and Twilight. She said that she didn’t like Twilight because the books got progressively darker. About Harry Potter, she said that she had three objections: 1. The author uses the same old, unoriginal theme of no parents, no family. Heaven forbid we should have a family structure! 2. The characters are always breaking rules and getting away with it. 3. The books, like Twilight, got darker. It sounds like I can trust Audrey’s opinion so I am eager to hear what she has to say about The Hunger Games. Come join us for the call!



 To join our Conference Calls dial: 661-673-8600 access code 373301#. All calls are at 7:30 MST/8:30 CST.

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