How to Get Your Kids to Hate Fast Food at a Young Age

“Mommy, what is fast food?” asked my six year old girl today. Yes, it is possible to raise little children innocent of McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Burger King. I’m proud to say my three youngest have never set foot under the Golden Arches. The middle two went there with a relative, unbeknownst to me, on a road trip two summers ago, and the oldest two have been there more often. Kids get older and sometimes they are with friends and their friends want to go there. If you haven’t been converted from going there, please read the above pictured book. It will reveal the dark side to you.

I had to laugh when I watched this video. It reminds of something I heard Dr, Jay Gordon MD, say at a conference I attended. He called McDonalds and other fast food places that give colorful, cartoon iconic toys with junk food to children, “nutritional pedophiles.” What a way of saying it! This video comes from Sarah Pope, over at I have to giver her credit for calling the food like it is! But I don’t even want to pay for the toy, I just tell my kids the food is bad for you.

That’s the power moms have over young children’s minds. We can brainwash them to only want goodness and wholesomeness! So go shape some toddler’s mind today! I wonder if the same thing would work if we did it with video games when they are 2.

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