Missionaries and Vaccines

The time has come. I have been wondering what I would do about this for over a decade. Valor is working on filling out his missionary application. I’ve always known that he would need to be vaccinated if he wants to go overseas. If he doesn’t want to be, he can get a call to the States. What to do? We stopped vaccinating our children when Valor was 2, after his sister was born and I studied the issue. My eyes were opened to so many risks that are greater, to me, than not vaccinating. I decided that until I could be convinced of the safety and purity of vaccines (I learned of the toxic soup that vaccines are in which pose significant risks) that I would wait on vaccinating my children. I’m still waiting.

So here we are. I have heard from different friends that you can take homeopathic vaccinations but now I can’t remember who told me this. Where do we get those? Sarah Pope, over here, says you can use Nosodes homeopathics which are simply the germ of the disease, and not the toxic soup, but the drawback is the effect lasts only a few weeks, long enough for a trip, but not a two-year mission. (By the way, I really like Sarah’s summary of the vaccine debate in the afore-mentioned blog post. She perfectly captures my thoughts. As she says, it is not a black and white issue like the doctors and pharma industry make it out to be. The whole issue has a lot of gray!)

Here’s what the Green Smoothie Girl’s mom did. http://blog.greensmoothiegirl.com/2010/06/24/vaccines-part-3-of-4/ Her mother wanted go to on a mission to Italy. She was able to find some vaccines that didn’t have all the junk in them and got them. Later, when getting a thermogram instead of a mammogram she found out from a naturopath doctor in Bountiful, Dr. Marietta Bergdorf, that Utah law says the LDS church can’t discriminate calling someone on a mission based on their vaccinations. Dr. Bergdorf has a son on a mission in Switzerland who got around getting shots this way.  Hmmm…interesting news! What will we do?

Those of you with missionary sons and daughters, what have you done? Those of you who don’t, have any of you thought it completely through and have a plan in place for when you do?

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3 Responses to Missionaries and Vaccines

  1. eememymoe says:

    What did you decide on this? Do you have any resources that might be helpful? Seeing as this post was about five years ago, I’m hoping your son’s mission went well and he got through with health and strength.
    I have a son who will be getting mission papers ready soon and this issue has brought me to thought and prayer. I have a daughter that was injured by the Dtap vaccine which led me to research vaccines. We don’t vaccinate anymore.
    It is hard to find others who have been through something similar since I can’t really talk openly about it with members of my ward.

    Thank you!


    • treeoflifemama says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment! I decided to let my son choose what he wanted to do. I feel vaccines are not as dangerous for 18 year olds and up as they are for children. He chose to get vaccinated, and served a full two year mission, with full strength and health, thankfully. Since then, two of my other children have filled out mission papers and decided to get vaccinated. Every time they choose to do so I pray that they won’t get injured. So far, we haven’t had any adverse reactions in these adult children. That’s not to say adverse reactions won’t ever happen. I did see reactions when I vaccinated my daughter after she got bitten by a dog. See story here https://treeoflifemothering.com/2016/04/23/a-dog-bite-crossing-the-border-death-and-bisbeeland/. Fortunately, it was just headaches, runny nose, cough, and fever. It could be worse. i would make it a matter of sincere prayer for each individual situation.


  2. Lorene says:

    Thank you this discussion has been very helpful.


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