Do You Like to Breastfeed, Babywear, and Blog? Join us for the SLC Breastfeeding Cafe and Blog!

For the past few years, every August the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition and La Leche League of Utah work together to put on the Breastfeeding Cafe in the downtown Salt Lake City public library (between 200 and 300 East on 400 South, you can park at Diamond Parking on 300 South between 200 and 300 East for $2 a day). It’s a relaxed setting where moms can get breastfeeding support and education, swap stories, and of course, show off their babies, and breastfeed. Hmmm, sounds like a month-long La Leche League meeting! Yummy! In fact, they are having some formal LLL Meetings there on August 2 and 9 from 10 to 12 noon.

The video below is of the babywearing flash mob that the Boba Sleepwrap company sponsored in front of the cafe last year. I know it looks like it’s a mall, but this was really done in the library. It’s a pretty, contemporary-looking library! The cafe is held in one of the little shops on the side. This library is the same place where I went for LEMI training. I wish they were doing another flash mob this year, every participant got a free Boba! It was the same day as a family reunion for me, otherwise I would have been there.

Other events happening at the Breastfeeding Cafe this year include presentations about dentistry and children’s health with holistic dentist Dr. Sean Ulm, baby signing, how to photograph children, the basics of kefir, placenta encapsulation, and a pregnant mom’s gathering. Sounds like crunchy mama heaven! Go here to see the calendar.

If you can’t make it to the cafe, or even if you can, I encourage you to share your breastfeeding stories here at the breastfeeding cafe blog.

The breastfeeding cafe bloggers are holding a blogging carnival. That means you are invited to blog about breastfeeding and link it to their site. Today’s topic is:

We all know someone who feels like no one ever “warned” them what life would be like during pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, early weeks of sleeplessness, toddlerhood, etc. What parenting and breastfeeding wisdom have you shared?

Think it over, share below, and go to the above link to share as well

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