Come to Utah’s Freedom Conference! Volunteers Needed for Free Admission


Founders’ Message

On Saturday, September 15th, the Utah’s Freedom Conference will focus on lands, sound money and the role of the Constitutional sheriff.  Join us for the most important event of the year for all public lands users! Restoring the lands that rightfully belong to the western states is our highest priority.  Protecting Utahns’ property with legal tender and sheriffs who honor their oath of office is key to liberty and prosperity.
   Join Congressman Rob Bishop, Chief Deputy Attorney General John Swallow, Michael Coffman, Kevin Freeman, Tom Selgas, former Sheriff Richard Mack, and many, well-known state and national


experts for presentations that explain the problems facing America and steps we must take to return our nation to its founding principles.  Utah and the western states will lead the way towards restoring the 10th Amendment guarantee of a balance of power between the federal government, the states and the people.
    Located at the beautiful University of Utah Guest House and Conference Center adjacent to Fort Douglas, seating accommodates 450 plus a youth track for 100, ages 12-18. The historic Post Chapel will be home to displays and presentations on religious freedom in America.  Come ring the bell with us as we proclaim liberty and prosperity through sovereignty
    Seating is limited and time is short, register now.  You can even pay with a silver eagle dollar!
    See all the details at and we’ll see y’all on September 15th!

– Bert and Kathy Smith


If you want to come and volunteer in exchange for free admission, please comment below and I will send you info on how to do that!


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