Stand for Natural Birth on Labor Day

I keep getting notices about this event on Facebook so I finally checked into it and it’s totally worth supporting:

A Full Scale Birth Revolution on Labor Day

September 3, 2012 10am – 12noon

A massive uprising is on the horizon. Thousands of men, women and children will gather on September 3rd, 2012 as part of a national movement. Improving Birth’s “National Rally for Change on Labor Day” is being hosted in close to 100 major cities, in all 50 states across the country. Thanks to the intricate works of social media, has been able to organize a massive movement to bring awareness to the lack of evidence-based maternity care in the US. One writer coined it as
“The largest women’s movement in decades.”

Take Action! – We need women, men and children to come stand in support of evidence-based maternity care for everyone on September 3, 2012. The Rally will be held in locations all over the country as the launch to Empowered Birth Awareness Week.

The Purpose – The National Rally for Change is to encourage and insist that all maternal healthcare providers practice evidence-based care. On average it takes 20 years for proven research to become practice. For the sake of mothers and babies everywhere, we can’t wait 20 years. The long-term effects of unnecessary inductions and cesareans are just starting to be realized. This matters for all people. Despite the dire situation, this is not a protest, but a public outreach event located where the vast majority of the population gives birth.

This rally is taking place in many different types of public locations, including in front of some hospitals. See our Letter to Rally Site Hospital Administrators to learn how we are asking them for help to improve birth for everyone.

Get Involved! – Become a rally coordinator in your area TODAY! We are making it as easy as we can. As a coordinator, you will receive your very own “Action Pack”. This includes a marketing slideshow, press releases and a Coordinator Checklist. We want the message to be cohesive and peaceful. Click below on your state to see if there is a rally in your area.

Become a Sponsor! – We have tailored our sponsorship packages to appeal to local, regional, and national business and organizations. To help you raise brand awareness and increase exposure of your products and/or services among a growing, targeted audience of parents, parents-to-be and birth related professionals.

Rally History

Our first scheduled event in December of 2011 was a local rally that brought both television and print media to the event, giving us a spot on the evening news and front page of the local section in the largest newspaper in San Diego. Imagine what a National Rally on Labor Day might bring! The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN? It also brought about change. That local hospital has since started an in-hospital based Doula program, changed their triage guidelines to allow labor support people to join mom so that she was no longer separated from her doula when first arriving at the hospital. They restructured their website, moving information about c-section as the first thing to the last thing. They also began featuring mothers sharing their natural birth stories. All this from just one small rally of 75 people.

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