Family Wedding

Last Friday we got to attend the wedding reception of a cousin’s daughter. I absolutely loved it! It was held in the backyard of the bride’s parents. That has always been my dream, to have a home and yard that are worthy of a backyard wedding reception. I am far from it now but still hold the dream in my heart.

The bride and groom looked so cute together.

It was fun to arrive at the parking lot for the shuttle van to take us to the reception, because as soon as I approached the van someone called out my name and said she knew me. Turns out that the neighbor of the bride’s family is a homeschooling mom who I met at the LDS homeschool conference, because we gave her daughters a ride home from the ball. Homeschooling really helps you make friends all over.

I love the symbolism of the wedding cake. It relates to the tree of life actually. The word placenta means “little cake” and a placenta’s vessels look like a tree of life. So when a couple eat the wedding cake, that signifies them partaking of the love of God together as a couple.

Aw, young love. How sweet!

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