Summit 2012: Boys Learning Honor, Virtue and Battle Skills

Yesterday was the awesome Knights of Freedom Summit sponsored by Queen Emily and King Richard over at I know that word awesome is overused, but in this case, the word really fits. All the people who help put this event on really go all out to make it spectacular and inspiring. Thank you Summit helpers! This has become an annual family event for us. It involves two days of pure fantasy and pleasure for little boys and big boys alike. This is a place for boys to let out the wildness within them and be physical, while channeling it all to fight for the right. It is a simulation that puts the boys in a made-up land of “Terra Libre.” The boys pretend to be knights who are called upon to defend their liberty and homeland from the dark dastardly villain General Koldar and his followers.

The banners were so inspiring! I love that this one mentioned God.

Over a hundred boys participated. Have you ever seen so many little boys? They were divided up into “camps.” Each camp two groups, and each group had a dad who was the Camp Sargeant, a mom who was Camp Matron, an older boy who was a Master Knight. a young girl who was the Fair Maiden, and a young boy who was a Squire.

The boys participate in workshops to help them internalize the seven standards. One of them is missing, it is, “protect the defenseless.” The standards each got stolen. So each camp had to go on a quest to find one of them.

My husband got to be a camp sergeant.

My firstborn got to be a Master Knight. Here he is going off to the Final Battle.

That’s one of my sons on the very left, receiving last minute instructions for the Final Battle from a squire.

Here he is in the heat of the battle.

Here is General Koldar, the archvillian of Geld, retreating. Take that, you nasty brute!

My son, the blonde above, was in the Red Camp. Here he is in the final battle. I love the crusty look from his friend Spencer directed at the enemy.

Here’s my Master Knight defending a flag. Each camp had a flag to defend. If a player got to it he could turn it over to his team’s color, black for the bad guys and white for the good. The battle was over when all the flags were the same color. Inspiring epic battle music played from loudspeakers added to the drama.

The battle had sparring rules that determined when you had to kneel down or go out for five seconds, as if you had died.

Moms and siblings enjoyed the show.

The Fair Maidens got a little bored. I like that girls get to be involved and get the chance to express their creativity and beauty. My daughter had fun curling her hair up, as seen below.

I loved this Camp Matron’s fancy skirt. All the Matrons had spray bottles to spray down the boys.

This cute baby had the best seat in the place, although I kept wishing the mom had a sling.

Of course the boys won and we were able to retire to the Final Ceremony for awards and then a great feast!

It’s a huge honor to be a Master Knight. I am glad my son got to do it before he leaves on his LDS mission.

I didn’t catch a photo of the fabulous food. David and Tamra Hyde do such a great job of catering the food every year. Pulled pork, hot dogs, homemade French fries, salad, and dessert for everyone! I brought lentils for any vegetarians and it was gobbled up.

King Richard and Queen Emily reigned magnificently. They always do such a great job. Thank you for all your royal hard work! Huzzah! Huzzah means “to his honor.” As Queen Emily stated, “It’s to honor God who grants us all the blessings and miracles we see each year. That is why in my heart I keep saying, ‘Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!'”


Another one of my sons, the one yawning, was a villain. After all the festivities, he came home with his dad and went to a stake dance and stayed up late. I took this picture after church today because my kids looked so cute in their red, blue, and pink clothes. All this “recreating” is hard work! It took me awhile to round up all my kids at that huge park after the picnic was over. I saw Nicholeen Peck attending. She teaches classes on Teaching Self Government. I immediately recalled one of her lessons about how whenever you should go out as a family to any public place it’s really important to remind your children of the ground rules. I neglected that and paid for it, as some of my kids kept wandering away from me without asking permission. It was like herding cats at the end, looking for all of them. I would find one and then go look for another and then that one would disappear. So I was reminded of a lesson for motherhood about getting kids grounded before we leave the car. But we had a grand time and are already looking forward to next year!


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