Zion Women’s Weekend

If you would like to come to a moms’ retreat at a really low price (how about $10?) now’s your chance! My friends Shauna, Rhonda, and LIz are organizing a retreat for moms, now officially called, Zion Women’s Weekend, at Liz’s home in Grantsville, UT. It’s going to be October 19-20, yes an overnighter!

Speakers include:

Connor Boyack, author of  http://www.latterdayliberty.com/

See his interview below.

John Pontius author of Following the Light of Christ Into His Presence, see http://followingthelight.org/

and Tamara Laing,  of  http://tamarasbook.blogspot.com/

and author of the book below, Healing Arts- a Gift from God. It’s about LDS insights on the light of Christ and energy medicine.

So we will be talking politics and government, how to follow the Holy Ghost, and how energy work fits in with the gospel of Jesus Christ. How juicy!

You are welcome to bring your nursing baby as long as you keep the baby quiet, not like my niece in the picture at the top. Really, we will understand if she cries, but please take any crying babies out of the room during the presentations. There will be a separate room for the moms and babies to sleep in.

Go to this place to register.

Hurry, we’ve got a spot for you if you act fast! Only 15 spots are left! It will be a feast for body, mind, and spirit.

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