Can a Chiropractor help beyond back problems…?

We visited Dr. Altman–chiropractor in downtown SLC at the Gateway, with the free first visit promo and it went great. (Thanks Anji–the WAPF Chapter Leader, who sent out a referral promo thing for free first visit and two adjustments.)

We’ve never seen a chiropractor and we consider ourselves very healthy with no “back problems.” But we went to see what chiropractic care could offer us, since we’re unfamiliar with it. And we enjoyed that he educated us and adjusted us, explaining what our body is feeling–tension-wise currently. He also identified problems we didn’t know we had, but now understand–like why my knee hurts when I run (or that my husband has neck trauma that when adjusted, allows him to better turn his head–and he never realized he didn’t have full range of motion). Overall, he found 7 problems in my back and explained that one of them: that I had a weak left ankle and that it was affecting my spine and causing it to twist and thereby affect my hip and opposite should as well–which I didn’t realize.

And though my husband was skeptical at first and didn’t have any “back” problems persay, he came away even more excited than me that Dr. Altman had identified things my husband had never known or felt that stem from mis-alignment of his spine. He came away walking straighter too (his right foot turns out a little, but didn’t after the adjustment–due to an injury he’d had back in his teenage years). Granted, these are temporary adjustments for now until your body gets back use to that–so they’ll take a few adjustments. But Dr. Altman is great in giving the first two free adjustments to see what works for you and decide if you want to continue or not, And he can refer good nutritional advice in conjuntion. (He seems to take many insurances for basic adjustment visits and such, which is nice) And if you decide it’s not for you, at least you’re educated about it. 

If anyone wants to check out what chiropractic care can do, I’d go check out Dr. Altman–who believes in eating well and more of that holistic approach. In fact, he wrote two chapters in Anji’s new coconut oil book. And he’s got some good you tube testimonials too you can watch:

His office is in the Gateway, suite 103–located right next to Forever21 on the second floor before you get to BArnes and Noble.

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