I Met and Talked to a Polygamist and Other Musings of Summer

We had a big storm that came on and off on Saturday before Labor Day, waking me up at 5 AM with thunder, and then reappearing in the early evening. When it was all over, I was excited to go out with my youngest children to look for the rainbow. We’ve had the best summer ever! I love the freedom, the increased sunlight, and the easy yet intense energy of summer. I’ve had so many insights and much growth. This storm and rainbow are the perfect ending and transition into the new season of fall and the new school year. Seeing a real rainbow in the sky always gives me a feeling of peace. Perhaps it is because of the quote from Joseph Smith I learned about a few years ago:

I have asked of the Lord concerning His coming; and while asking the Lord, He gave a sign and said, “In the days of Noah I set a bow in the heavens as a sign and token that in any year that the bow should be seen the Lord would not come; but there should be seed time and harvest during that year: but whenever you see the bow withdrawn, it shall be a token that there shall be famine, pestilence, and great distress among the nations, and that the coming of the Messiah is not far distant. (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Section Six 1843-44, p.340)

So despite my fear of what is going to happen with the next presidential election, at least we will be having a normal seedtime and harvest.

I thought I would post some photos I haven’t used yet from summer along with musings and things I’ve learned that I haven’t shared yet.

Here’s a funny story. I was getting ready to help at an event. I wanted to do something different and fancy with my hair. I asked my 16 yo daughter to help me do the flat iron loose curl/beach wave thing. So she did and it looked really good. (It’s not the style pictured above, although she did style my hair in the picture above. I just didn’t happen to snag a picture of the beach waves.) Anyway, my husband saw my hair and said, “You look like a polygamist.” Hummf, I thought. Is he saying that I look frumpy? All the polygamists I have seen, like at the zoo, or in National Geographic, have the big pulled back bangs that look like a giant wave you could surf, and then braids in the back, and they wear clothes that hearken back to Little House books.OK, I just read that last sentence and it sounds rude. What I meant about the zoo is that I have seen polygamists attending the zoo, on free days at the zoo, because that is when bargain-seeking homeschoolers swarm such places, and many polygamists are homeschoolers. I didn’t mean I have seen polygamists in the zoo.

Back to the story, why would he say this to me? So I went to bed feeling rather mad at my husband. The next day at the event, this woman walked into the room and I immediately noticed how pretty she was and she had this adorable stylish jacket that I wished I had (with ruffles, I love ruffles!). I met her and talked to her and learned some things from her.  I went home that night and my husband said, “Did you meet so-and-so?” I said yes, and it turned out she was the pretty woman I had noticed and the polygamist my husband said I looked like. So he was actually giving me a compliment! So I learned 2 things. First, that my husband can give compliments in a backhanded way, and that polygamists don’t all dress the same and can dress normally stylish. I also learned that you never know what someone’s background is. I met the second wife the next day and talked to her and she was dressed stylishly normal as well. This experience challenged my assumptions. I have learned that I can’t always tell a person’s whole story by the way they dress.

My daughter learned to float on her back with her cousin’s help.

I heard this story from my friend who lived in the same stake as Larry H. Miller. She said that Brother Miller gave her family a van! They were in great need of a new car several years ago. Brother Miller found out that they needed a car and asked her husband come to one of his car dealerships. The people there gave him the keys to a new van! I want to become rich enough that I can give cars to people in need.

For a long time I have wanted to organize our garage and get shelves.  We had boxes and boxes of food for our year’s supply of food that were just stacked, rather helter skelter. I felt like my husband was not doing his part in organizing it. Three years ago my mother in law came up from Provo and as a gift for me in my pregnancy she organized it with my kids while my husband and I went on a date to the temple. But since then, with entropy and seven children who I have not trained very well I guess, it has fallen into chaos. I just felt like he should take charge of it without me asking. I am glad that we persist in having our weekly Family Executive Council. This is where we meet weekly to plan the week and talk about our children and their needs and the needs of the home and yard. As we got to talking about the garage I found out he was still waiting for me to get shelves. I had thought that the money we had saved for shelves got spent so I couldn’t get shelves any more. It was really good to talk to him and get on the same page and find out we still had the money. I was able to find 6 more sets of shelves, the exact amount I needed to fill in the perimeter of the garage with shelves, on ksl.com, for less than $60 total. I am hoping my husband spends the rest of the hundreds we had saved for shelves for whatever I want!

I also learned how it works for me to set a date far enough in advance when I know my husband can take work off, like Labor Day, and ask that he dedicate that day to the chore I want him to do, like cleaning out the garage. We labored hard on Labor Day organizing the garage and now we’ve got all the boxes of food on shelves and a lot of junk thrown away. Hooray!

I learned about the power of writing through my Eternal Warriors class, my 3 Key Elements class, and my homework for the Moms’ Retreat. All three of the classes coincidentally focuses on how to use writing as a way to let out negative emotions and connect with God by decreasing the power of the adversary. The devil does not have a body and can’t write. Whenever we write we are showing how we have more power than he does.

My daughter and some of her cousins! Beautiful girls! The poor baby is sad she’s been taken from her mother’s arms. I love attached babies!

My son got to be on a panel for the LDS Homeschool Conference. It was fun to see him interact with his friends and hear his account of growing up as a homeschooler.  His afro is now gone as he had to get a missionary haircut for his mission application. We are now waiting to find out where he goes!

We had so much fun at the This is the Place State Park. I am excited to revisit when the fall colors come out.

I found out my nephew and my son are finally old enough to be buddies together. I have used this picture before, but it’s so cute and the only one I got of my son and his cousin, I am using it again.

I found out my niece can read really well, after just a year of kindergarten.

It was fun to see my husband’s cousin’s daughter and her new groom at their wedding reception, so in love.

I found out that my sister, who I always thought was only into mainstream medicine, actually goes to a chiropractor and agrees with me that medical doctor don’t always have all the answers. She brought a book to our family vacation called The Mood Cure. The recommendations in it of nutritional supplements have really helped her family and now mine. The author recommends 5HTP for anxiety. This past summer we have found out that one of my children has anxiety A LOT. The 5HTP is helping, along with other supplements. The same sister has watched all of the Duggar episodes. I am just getting into the Duggars so this gives something more to talk about.

Farewell, summer! I am excited to apply what I have learned this summer into fall and winter!

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