Two New Things I’ve Learned About Breastfeeding

Even after nearly 19 years of breastfeeding, I’m still learning new things. I don’t know if the following two points are absolutely true but I suspect they might be, so I am throwing them out there. They are anecdotal, but anecdotes have value for me.

1. If you want a full milk supply, especially, for twins, drink raw milk. See this mom’s story here. She quotes Dr. Frances Pottenger who said that a nursing mother should drink a quart of raw milk a day, and if she’s not, she’s cheating her child. This is not widely accepted. It even says in the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding you don’t have to drink milk to make milk.  At least the old edition, I will have to check the new one to see if that statement is in there. I remember quoting it at meetings over a decade ago. I went for years being vegan and vegetarian while breastfeeding. But by the time I got to baby #5 and #6, my babies had weight gain issues after they were around 6 to 9 months. So possibly I had low supply issues, or my milk wasn’t fat enough for them, because my nutritional stores were so depleted by the time they were born. I wonder if I had been consuming animal products all along, and hence more fat, maybe I wouldn’t have had those problems. Mother’s milk is composed of what the mom eats, it only makes sense. Here’s a story from Sarah Pope, one of my favorite bloggers. She tells of the difference her change in diet made in her milk. For her first baby her milk wasn’t as nutrient dense and fat, because she wasn’t eating traditional, sacred fats. She was eating organic produce and whole grains, the typical “Puritan” diet usually recommended as a “good diet” for anybody. She said her baby nursed a ton and never seemed satisfied. Then she switched to a Weston Price diet. Her milk changed from white to beiger and her next two babies didn’t have to nurse as much and were more satisfied.

2. If you want to avoid saggy breasts while breastfeeding, eat lots of saturated fat. I love this additional reason to eat fat! Wholesome, God-made fat is good for you! It keeps the baby blues and postpartum depression at bay and helps you look better. I remember my sister-in-law warning me that breastfeeding makes for saggy breasts when I was pregnant with #1. Well, Sarah Pope has the solution.

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