Recap of Utah’s Freedom Conference

This picture features two of my children with their good friends who are the children of one of my closest girlfriends, Shauna. I am pretty sure you can guess which kids are mine and which are hers. (She has Asian heritage.) Our two families attended Utah’s Freedom Conference last Saturday in Salt Lake City and had a blast. See

These pretty flowers added to my good feelings for the day .

I agree with the sign below. Liberty and prosperity come through sovereignty, or self-governance. Many people may think this blog of mine is just about marriage, homemaking, breastfeeding, homeschooling, and child-rearing. It is about all those things but it’s more about doing things as a woman, wife, and mother, that make you more self-reliant and self-governing, including self-education. That’s why I love learning and going to conferences. Breastfeeding and homeschooling and gardening and home remedies and self-education help a mom be truly independent and free. True women’s freedom or liberation comes through modeling our lives after trees, which have roots and soil. The soil is self-education.  (Read more about that in my book, just click “the book” tab above. I hope that wasn’t too much of a shameless plug!)

The conference was at the lovely hotel at the Univ. of Utah campus, the University Guest House. The U. of U. vs. BYU football game was held that night. Fortunately the conference was over and we got to leave just as the mob was arriving for the game. We are big BYU fans as my husband and I and my parents and my sibs all graduated from BYU.

The conference also had a youth track of sessions. The youth got to hear from a guy impersonating John Hancock as he told the story of the Revolutionary War and they watched snippets of the John Adams movie about the resolution for the Declaration of Independence.

The youth got to learn about 10 declarations, or principles of liberty, and commit to live to by them by signing a little book, produced by Roots of Freedom, as they took part in a simulation of passing Richard Henry Lee’s resolution that the American colonies declare independence from England.

We got to partake of this beautiful cake to celebrate Constitution Day, which was the following Monday. I think the plan is to have this conference every year, close to Constitution Day, as a way of celebrating the U.S. Constitution.

Kathy Smith, owner of Smith and Edwards, the “country boys’ store”, with her husband, Bert, was the conference organizer. She is pictured below.

The youth got to watch the movie Monumental, produced by Kirk Cameron. I fantasized about watching it with them but then I decided to attend the classes about sound money.

Larry Hilton (pictured below), promoter of Utah’s Sound Money Act, which the Utah Legislature passed last session, introduced the presenters for the sound money track. Larry is my husband’s cousin. I remember years ago, before he moved to Utah, he came to our home for a brief visit when he was on a business trip. He told us about one of Uncle Eric’s books that he had been reading, The Clipper Ship Strategy. That was my first indication that Larry was into liberty, economics, and how money should work. Larry lives in Utah now and worked with Brad Galvez, formerly a Utah state legislator, to get the Utah state legislature to pass the Utah Sound Money Act. Because this bill that got passed into law, It is now legal in Utah to use gold and silver coins as legal tender. You can go here, to Utah Precious Metals Association

to learn more about it.

The next picture below shows Tom Selgas, a monetary policy expert. Tom presented about what lawful money is, based on the U.S. Constitution. It’s important for every U.S. citizen to learn his information, so that we know about how we are getting ripped off by having fiat money which leads to inflation.

You can get some of his downloads about what the dollar really is and the history of money here. Scroll down through the list to get to his name and then click on the downloads below his name. He and his mentor, Dr. Edwin Viera Jr. have done a lot of research on the unconstitutional activities of the federal government regarding money and the Federal Reserve. If you or anyone are skeptical of this, I urge you to have an open mind and watch and listen. His website URL is “” and the npn stands for “need proof now.” He gave away copies of a $20 book free, written by his mentor, Dr. Edwin Viera Jr.,  for those of us who were there at the beginning of his presentation, but he made the announcement that we could get the copies towards the middle of the class. I was happy to be rewarded for not class-hopping, which I sometimes do at conferences when I am feeling ADHD.

I liked that he shared that the Constitution says that Congress has the right to mint money, and to make the standards of weights and measures “fixed.” That includes the measure of money.  He said that Roger Sherman, the only Founding Father to sign all four founding documents, explained why it was important that Congress not be able to change what a dollar is, in other words, why it is important for a dollar to be fixed. He said that Sherman quoted Proverbs 20:10, that having diverse weights and measures is an abomination before God. The only way not to have “diverse weights and measures” is to have measures fixed, including the measure of what a dollar is. The Founding Fathers defined the dollar as a coin that had “371 1/4 grains of silver.” The Federal Reserve notes, which we commonly think of as “dollars” are not backed by that amount of silver at all. Or even any silver. They are not backed by anything, which is why they are called “fiat money.”

Tom also shared that if you ever want to save money if you are faced with medical bills, go to

because that site gives you the lowest prices on what medical procedures should cost. This will help you if you are not insured and want to negotiate the price of a medical procedure.

This guy pictured below is author Kevin Freeman. He wrote the book Secret Weapon. It is all about economic warfare. By a stroke of luck, my husband and I got to eat lunch with him at our table. I had learned in the introduction that Cousin Larry gave that Kevin is from Texas. He  was also holding a copy of his book and Glenn Beck’s book, Cowards. You can see them both on the podium below. So I asked him if he had been on Glenn’s show. He said he had been on seven times. He shared with us a miraculous story about how he got to be on the Glenn Beck show which included the hand of God working through him.

Kevin said that he had been to Utah three times in the past year. Once was to visit George Wythe College to speak to the students. Hey, I thought, I remember my son, who was a student at GWC last year, telling me about that evening lecture from a visiting expert. He couldn’t remember the name of the guy so it was nice for me to finally find out.

The guy pictured above is Victor Sperandeo. He is a professional Wall Street trader and financial analyst. He showed us why hyperinflation is a statistical inevitability. He said that the Federal Government’s money system is corrupt and that he was putting it that way “nicely.”  See his web site The scholar in me looks forward to poring over an old book he recommended about inflation by the a cofounder of Cornell, Andrew  White, called Fiat Money Inflation in France, found here. He said that hyperinflation happened with the French Revolution. This is the first hyperinflation that happened before 1912. Since then, around 30 countries have experienced hyperinflation. Our country is doomed to experience it too. He recommended buying gold and silver to see your way through it.

Pictured below is Mayor Mia Love, who is running for Congress in Utah’s new 4th Congressional District. She is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah and Utah’s first black woman mayor. I enjoyed her speech and hope she wins! She is not in my Congressional district otherwise I would vote for her. She told us that when she started college her dad told her, “Mia, your mother and I never took a handout. You will not be a burden to society. You will give back.”

Here is Larry introducing a special guest during the first sound money session. His name is David L. Margrave.

I remember Larry telling me about this guy, without naming his name, back at a family gathering. He wouldn’t tell us his name. I have been anticipating finding out who this secret man is for months! He pays his income tax in gold and silver coins. What he told us is basically summed up at a blog post I found written by him here:

I have paid my State and Federal Income taxes in such coin for as many years. It is acceptable to the I.R.S. and California tax collecting authorities to record and report my income in the face value of the minted legal tender coins issued by the U.S. Treasury after 1986.

I recieve these United States legal tender dollars, report my income and pay whatever taxes I must in the form of legal tender in which I recieved income. I do not try to mix the two nor attempt to shortchange the government by recieving one form of legal tender only to report the other. In order to recieve income in gold and silver legal tender United States minted coin at face value I contracted with a Corporation to recieve income thus causing the Corporation to convert prior and to pay to me in coin what amount I asked for. So long as you report what is received, in the form in which it was recieved and pay the tax in that form, the taxing authorities seem to accept what I have done.

I was forced to defend my actions the first few years and we did get a letter from the I.R.S. stating that they would accept legal tender dollars as payment for the taxes I reported on their forms. If your are looking for ways to cheat on your taxes do not attempt to mix or confuse the taxing authorities, they will prosecute you for any such attempt. Coined United States legal tender dollars that are in current circulation are money just like Federal Reserve Bank Debt Notes, their value is not the same but we all have the right to use either of them today as we have since 1986.

This beautiful old building pictured above is a non-denominational chapel called the Post Chapel. It is next to the Univ. of Utah Guest House. Both of these buildings part of the Fort Douglas section of the Univ. of Utah. Fort Douglas was an army base built before the Univ. of Utah was built around it. This area is probably the most beautiful section of the U of U campus. In my previous life, before kids, I worked at the U of U, believe it or not, at the medical school. I never noticed this pretty part of campus! This chapel was built in the 1880s and was the longest continually used Army chapel before it was closed in 1991. It has been remodeled since it was first built. It is no longer used as an Army chapel but is still used for gatherings and weddings.  Some of the youth classes were held here after the screening of Monumental.

The Post Chapel has a bell in the tower. Here is my friend’s daughter ringing it, which is appropriate since her name is Belle and she’s ringing the bell! Shauna’s daughter is in the background, signing a copy of the Constitution, to celebrate Constitution Day. I loved her vintage-looking dress.

My daughter got to be filmed outside of the Post Chapel to get her testimonial of why she was glad that she attended the conference.

The classes ended around 5 PM. I have never seen so much food at a conference! They spread it out in front of us the whole day. It was like we were on a cruise! I thoroughly enjoyed the catered lunch of grilled chicken and steak. They even had grilled portobello mushrooms for the vegetarians. This was the first time I have eaten steak and chicken at the same meal, ever, I think. I felt very nourished. I skipped the white roll and enjoyed the flesh, along with two small portions of pasta and potato salad.

In the picture above my husband and his cousin and some friends are getting some food for the road at the end of the conference. I was amazed that my husband kept eating every time he saw the food in front of him. Of course my kids, especially my teen boy, loaded up. I was so happy that I wasn’t even tempted, even by the gorgeous fat chocolate chip cookies! This coconut oil diet I am on, along with eating meat and butter on my oatmeal, keeps me from even touching high carb food. They broke out food for the youth at 10 AM when they brought Congressman Rob Bishop in to speak. (He gave a fascinating speech by the way, I will have to blog about it separately.) They had candy bars, muffins, granola bars, juice pouches, everything that used to tempt me. I was still full of my wholesome breakfast of soaked oatmeal with butter, honey, and cinnamon, so I didn’t even want to eat.

The conference featured a banquet which started in the evening, featuring Timothy Ballard, author of The American Covenant, volumes 1 and 2.

I want to read these books! Basically, the author’s premise is that the Founding Fathers made a covenant with God to bring forth a government that would allow the kingdom of God, started with the Israelites in the Bible, to come forth in its fullness.

I picked up volume 2 and read about the author’s claim that Abraham Lincoln read the Book of Mormon, and that he was felt motivated to preserve the Union in order to uphold the American Covenant. I have my own theory about Abraham Lincoln, basically that he was not evil, just wrong. I feel he was seriously misguided and deceived by the big money interests who wanted to turn America into an empire with government involved in building it up, such as with the railroads and canals.In other words, he was a statist. He believed in the power of the state. As far as I can tell he did not believe in limited government. He was no friend to the Mormons and no friend to the Constitution. He suspended the writ of habeus corpus, a Constitutional right, and jailed about 13,000 people during the Civil War.  So to hear what this author claims upsets my theory a bit.  We will see if I can reconcile what Ballard purports with what Stephen Pratt teaches about Lincoln at . The second video in particular is the one that teaches that Lincoln helped establish a “Second Founding of America” not based on the Constitution.

We did not stay for the banquet so I didn’t get to hear Ballard’s speech. It was time to go home and reconnect with my younger children. My favorite vendor though was the people selling the guns, above.

My daughter felt more enlightened than ever and is more motivated to study the cause of liberty. I hope my son learned something too, it seemed like he was more impressed with the fun he had with his friends and yelling “Go BYU!” at the Utah fans coming to the football game as we drove home. I pleaded with him not to yell too loudly, I did not want our car getting jumped.

Thank you conference organizers and presenters for a beautiful day! The only thing that marred it was driving home through all the Utah fans and then seeing BYU lose to Utah that night. That’s a whole other story!

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