Utah Leads the Way in Using Sound Money

This is the view we had as we drove to Utah’s Freedom Conference held at the Univ. of Utah campus last week. It was not quite 7 AM on the Saturday morning of the BYU vs. Utah football game. Yes, a Utah fan was driving a trailer, fully decked out in Ute colors, to the tailgate party, bright and early, leading the way in front of us. I know the picture’s kind of fuzzy, but it was hard taking a photo while riding in the car. Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving. It says, “A Utah fan am I!” Utah won the game, unfortunately, and even before the game was over the fans rushed the field, which earned a penalty for the team.

Utah may not lead the way in sound sportsmanship, but it does lead the way in sound money. At the Freedom Conference, some of the presenters talked about Utah’s new Sound Money Act. Utah now is the only state in the country that allows the payment of gold and silver coins for legal tender.

This video shows that it will be as easy as swiping a credit card, backed up by your gold and silver coins.

This video explains what sound money is and why it is better to use. At the end it says to contact your local state legislator, if you live in Utah. But that has changed, because the Sound Money Act passed. If you live out of Utah, please consider contacting your local state legislator to pass a similar act. The Utah Precious Metals Association will help you with resources on how to do that.

The presenters at the conference who were brought in to speak to us about sound money praised Utah for its leadership in this movement. Thanks to Larry Hilton and Brad Galvez for spearheading the movement.

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