Review of Beyond the Sling and Link to Giveaway of the Book

If you haven’t checked this book out yet, you are missing out! It’s written by a child TV star, Mayim Bialik, who played Blossom on NBC TV in the 80s. I am happy to report that Mayim did not follow the typical child star path.  She has a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA. She is also a star for The Big Bang Theory. But her biggest roles where she shines the most are as a wife and mother, who proudly promotes attachment parenting (AP) values.

I think it’s so beautiful that this picture on her book cover, above, shows how much her sons adore her. She is clearly the center of their universe. You can just tell that she loves being an attached mom!

This book has lots of support for you if you are into AP values. You will enjoy the introduction from Dr. Jay Gordon MD. The book has chapters on natural childbirth, elimination communication, cosleeping, letting up on the pressure of early academics, and gentle discipline. Wow, sounds like a sure addition to a La Leche League Group’s library. I love that she mentions La Leche League repeatedly through the book and says she gets teary-eyed and sentimental whenever she encounters a La Leche League Leader, since LLL Leaders helped her navigate her early days of breastfeeding.

I enjoyed hearing her unique approach of what to do when people are asking her children or their own children to share. I also liked hearing about how she went about incorporating elimination communication in her family. It is sweet to find out that I am not the only one who doesn’t go on vacation or marriage getaways without my baby. She does work outside the home as an actress, now that her children are older, but it’s refreshing to her that she doesn’t have a nanny but relies on her husband to be at home with her children. When her children were babies she stayed close to them 24/7. I also liked hearing her write about not being attached to stuff and clutter, which is so easy as soon as you get pregnant. It’s so natural to want to go out and buy, buy, buy in the baby section of the big box stores.

This is a delightful book that thoroughly covers what baby needs, what baby doesn’t need, and what moms need. If you are into AP values, it will resonate with you. If you don’t learn anything new, you will at least feel supported in your parenting choices. If you are not into AP, give it a read anyway. I think she does a great job of explaining the whys and hows of AP, without being pushy about it.

If you go here you can enter a giveaway for the book. Mayim is being nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the Emmys, so some people at a Jewish parenting blog are giving her book away. (Mayim is Jewish.) I like the dress (scroll down the page, it is not the first image you see) she picked to wear at the gala night, it’s modest as far as Hollywood actresses go.

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