If Your Child Acts Like a Monster, Check Into What He is Eating

Photo credit: http://www.diefooddye.com/2012/09/11/why-synthetic-food-coloring-is-like-a-horror-flick/

If your child acts grouchy a lot, it may not be his fault. It may be his diet. I know some families keep their children away from red food dye, like in artificial “licorice” candy and “strawberry” milkshakes, because it turns them into monsters. Here is a great blog about it, called Die, Food Dye, Die!

When I first learned that all those pretty bright colors used for candy, frosting, and popsicles come from petroleum, and that these artificial dyes affect the brain, I was mad! It is so sad that something that looks so enticing and beautiful, like a striped lollipop, can actually turn a child into a monster, and I’m not just talking about the evils of white sugar here. 

If you haven’t learned about the dangers of artificial dyes, read this handbook about the rainbow of risks with food dyes. Then watch this video below. In part 2 you will be amazed at the before and after schoolwork of children who ate a standard American diet and then went on a Feingold diet (no artificial dyes or additives). Diet makes a difference! Then go download for free the “Blue Book” in ebook form here from the good people over at Feingold organization about the connection between diet and learning.

I’ve copied this from the Feingold web site:

Behavior, Learning & Health: The Dietary Connection

This book is designed for you to share with doctors, teachers, and other professionals in your child’s life.  It is also ideal for students and anyone interested in the research on diet and behavior.  A soft-cover magazine-sizebook, its 52 pages include 26 pages of scientific research with excerpts, plus 269 citations from mainstream peer-review scientific literature. 

While there is a description of the Feingold Program in this book, please do not confuse it with the Program materials

If you want to understand why this diet works, this is a good place to begin. 

If you want to try the Program, however, you will need our Program materials including the Foodlist, the Handbook, and our monthly updates through Pure Facts.   Membership in the Feingold Association of the US is included with the Program materials. If you live in a country other than the U.S. or Canada, please visit our international section where you can become an international member. 



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