The Blessings of Children: the Duggars Before They Were Famous

When I first heard about the Duggars, I thought, sure I would have that many kids too if I had a 7000 square foot house and was debt free. What I didn’t realize was that they were committed to having as many children as God sent them before they got the big house. These videos show what it was like when they had 14 children and were pregnant again, living in a much smaller home, with only two bathrooms. I like to think that they got rewarded with a bigger home because of their great faith to accept as many children as God sends them. They truly believe that children are a blessing. In Helaman 7 we read that God thinks of children as a blessing as well. He blessed the Lamanites, who were righteous at the time, by giving them “an increase in seed,” or more children.

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