The Feast that Is General Conference: What I Learned

Between the morning and afternoon sessions of General Conference, on Saturday, my husband and I buzzed on over to the reception for the J. Reuben Clark Law Society at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Temple Square. This is a group for LDS attorneys. They served us yummy food! I met a guy from Tampa who joined the church when he was in high school. He said that the LDS Church is the reason he is a successful attorney today. I also met a lady who is a missionary for the BYU Idaho Pathway program. This is the online program for BYU-Idaho. She was on fire about how great it it is. I will blog about that separately. These photos are what I took when I went to the reception.

Here are some gems from General Conference:

  • the biggest “gem” was the announcement that the age to be a missionary has been lowered, to age 18 for boys and age 19 for girls. My daughter says she wants to go now when she turns 19!
  • “God will hold men accountable for every tear their wives shed.” Elder Quentin Cook
  • “I’m a Mormon, I Know It and I Love it!” Sister Ann M. Dibb
  • “There is no experience sweeter than when we heed a silent prompting of the Holy Ghost. ” Elder Craig Christensen.
  • “Heavenly Father allows us to love deeply and eternally.” Elder Shane M. Bowen
  • “Stop the boys on the bikes!” a preacher of another faith, whose story Elder Nelson told. He was told by a voice in his head, which came from God, to stop the missionaries, right after he prayed while standing in his yard watering the trees, asking for help. He looked up and saw missionaries and told them to stop. He took the missionary lessons and was baptized and helped his friend who was desperately looking for answers get baptized.
  • “Everyday we have something we can choose to cherish.” President Dieter Uchtdorf

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