Get Your Youth to This Fabulous Event, They Will Love It!

Announcing…the 4th Annual Etiquette Simulation for the Royal Academy of Zion!

This fabulous event is November 9-10th 2012 in Utah County! My kids have done this for the past two years and absolutely loved, loved it! Your kids will get to rub shoulders with other youth who are seeking to have Zion in their home. They will read and talk about refinement, God, Zion, elegance, culture, gender roles, and classics!

“In today’s society, the standards of decorum, dignity, and courtesy are assailed on every side.” (Sister Lifferth)

We have created our etiquette simulations to address this concern and to create a culture of refinement as suggested by  Elder Callister in his article Our Refined Heavenly Home.

At our simulations we learn about and practice this state of refinement by learning the rules of etiquette and by learning that we are all future Kings and Queens in the Lord’s Kingdom.

Rise up O Men of God

Register here for this year’s simulation.


Here’s what people are saying about us!

It was fantastic!  I loved every minute of the classes, and was thrilled to be treated as a princess.  I am so grateful for the simulation…you helped me remember that I really am a princess and that everyone around me is royal as well….Thanks again for helping me to become a future Queen of Zion.  (W.S.)

My husband and I thank you for providing such a lovely opportunity for our children… to remember and feel that they truly are the “youth of a noble birthright.” (G.S.)

Your group left such a remarkable impression on all of us last year. The youth were courteous and stalwart. It’s nice to see well-behaved young men and ladies. We would love to have you back! (Stone Gate Arts Center)

It’s kinda like the TJED Forum, if you’ve ever been to that, but it’s also rather different. Last year, we were in this beautiful building, and there was a seminar room and a ball room. In the seminar room, we all sat in these chairs and listened to awesome people talking about the many different aspects of our Divinity, and how to act on it. We learned how to dance in the ball room. There was a talent show the first night that was pretty incredible… And then the last night was the Ball that was easily one of the coolest experiences of my life:) I really hope you can come, it’s an amazing, fantastic, wonderful event. (J.R.)



I would be feminist, rude, and pretty much standard-less if I didn’t go last year. (L.W.)

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful event that you set up. The experience was wonderful! I enjoyed every moment of it. The message was truly and deeply inspiring, even life-changing.

Thank you for the wonderful lectures, the good friends, the new acquaintances and the inspiring evening of talent. You put together a program that was in many ways, a turning point in my thinking. (J.H.)

My daughter came home so excited about the whole event.  She said it was really super fun and that she wishes we could have one more often.  We already have plans for our 12 year old boy to attend when he is old enough. 

Another mom said that watching the dance was like a dream event because the youth were dressed so elegantly, behaved so well and everyone was dancing so beautifully.  I wish I could have seen it!  Her description sounded like Pride and Prejudice dancing.  (S.K.)

Yes!!! I am so grateful for all the time and effort that was put into this event.  The Spirit was so wonderful there, and I learned so much. It was a beautiful success. :)   Also, I don’t know how far this will reach. But many thanks as well, to all the youth for being the great people that you are. The examples you set and the beautiful things you are doing in your lives are so priceless. You guys are going to rock the world. ;) (J.C.)

My daughter  told me the talents were magnificent and the whole program was just the best ever! ( K.K.)

My son had a great time.  His mom was totally impressed watching the last
half hour of the wonderful dance in the wholesome, well-lit, beautiful
setting and having the wonderful music.  (Dad was impressed as well).  If
only this setting could be replicated to the many meetinghouses when
dances are held there! (B.B.)

I had such an elegant time, and was truly inspired by what I learned and discovered there, and by the people that I met (M.M.)


I also had a wonderful time.  Thanks so much for doing this, Sister Hansen.  I really enjoyed dancing with all you beautiful girls, and I only regret the dance wasn’t longer. (C.C.)

Thanks again, our son LOVED it and spent an hour telling us all about it when he got home. To have a teenage son open up with joy about something like that is great. He loved the social dancing. I’m so grateful for the friendships he has made…. Aren’t we lucky to have such wonderful peers for our kids! (L.M.)

We had a wonderful time and left our dinner discussion feeling uplifted, awed and so excited for the upcoming youth.  THANK YOU for the experience to be involved.   I can’t say enough how impressed I am by you and your husband, and amazed at all you did to put this together.  I hate to sound redundant, but–EXCELLENT WORK!!  It was just wonderful!  (S.S.)

Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much!!!! I am already looking forward to next year! (S.L.)

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