Super Great Resources for Teaching LDS Doctrine to Your Children

I just found a fantastic resource for teaching children the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I now have a new web site/blog to drool over.  It’s by Jocelyn Christensen, pictured below, over here.

Don’t you just love her shirt for Halloween?

Jocelyn, where have you been all my homeschooling life?

You can use her site for homeschooling, for FHE, for Sunday afternoons. Whatever you want! I really like the post on her blog from another lady, who blogs about ideas for studying the scriptures with your children. For years I have wanted to involve my younger children in studying the scriptures. Not just reading from the scriptures, but studying them, marking them, and talking about them. I came up with LDS ABC’s and 123s, ideas to teach the concepts of ABCs and the numbers 1-10 to my children from the scriptures but I did it with my older ones and not my younger ones. I will have to get the LDS ABCs and 123s up on my web site sometime, but I am not making any promises right now.

So the post is here about how to mark the scriptures with little children.

I feel I have finally found a rhythm for marking scriptures with my younger children. We are going to do it right after the breakfast cleanup. We are going to continue marking the LDS ABCs that I came up with (I think we are on “L”), and add in the Book of Mormon principles from the January and July 2004 Ensigns, as well as the principles from the Duggars. I think that will cover the next decade!

I really like all of Jocelyn’s ideas. Not only are they great ideas, but she provides downloads for some of the games so you can print out and use right away!

A Book of Mormon party ( I think we will do this for Halloween!)

General Conference Memory Game

Family Proclamation Trivial Pursuit

Thanksgiving Picture Book List

Free Thanksgiving Activities

How To Teach Teens to Avoid Pornography

Christmas Picture Book List

Easter Picture Book List

I will be referring to her site over and over. Thank you Jocelyn!

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