Does Anybody Want to Go to Master of Influence this Weekend? Giveaway of Ticket!

 **It is too late to enter for the drawing now. ** I am sorry I didn’t give enough time for people to make arrangements for this. Watch for a giveaway in February. I will give more of a head’s up. **



I am giving away one ticket to Kirk Duncan’s Master of Influence! Kirk is the awesome guy in the video above. He is promoting the Body Language Show, and what he says applies to what you will learn at this event as well.

(Sorry for the late notice but I would rather give this away now then wait for the next event.)


It’s this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

November 1-3
Master of Influence
Salt Palace Convention Center
100 S. West Temple, Room 355
Salt Lake City, UT 84101



At this event you will learn:


  • how to be aware of the message you are giving off in your body language
  • how to read others’ body language
  • how to create a vision board and achieve your goals and wildest dreams
  • how to attract a lot more money into your life, even if you are a stay-at-home mom
  • how to feel more energy, clarity and peace in your life
  • how to feel more joy in your relationships as a wife, mom, and friend
  • how to be a “master of influence”


This event comes around every three months and it has always sold out! Maybe it is your time to go right now! The organizers have moved it to the Salt Palace so there is a lot more room. It gets bigger and better every time! If you would like to enter for a chance to win a ticket, please comment below as to why you want to win and “Like” Tree of Life Mothering on Facebook.


Winner will be announced around 1 PM Wednesday Oct. 31!



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