Come to this Telesummit: Learn How to Be a Better Parent, Attract More Money, and More!

I copied the following from my friend Mindy Heath’s site. She is doing an amazing teleconference next week with Nicholeen Peck and other great people to help you learn about money, marriage, real beauty, and more.

Go here to register.

Each day for five days in a row you’ll be able to listen via your phone to the life changing info!

It’s absolutely FREE! If the time is not good for you, register anyway so you get the recording!


Hi! I’m Mindy Heath, creator of where I inspire people to live with peace, joy, clarity and connection in every area of their lives, every single day.  Often the pain and struggle we face in life is not for a lack of trying to be happy and successful but a lack of knowledge of how to be.  There are specific principles, paradigms and tools that lead to peace, joy and success in life!


Join me as I interview FIVE top experts who will share their most life changing tools and insights on how you can be happier and more connected NOW!

On the telesummit you’ll learn:

1- What you can do right now to create an amazing marriage!
2- The 3 things in the way of your financial success and stability!
3- How to get your kids to stop arguing and do their chores!
4- How truly powerful your thoughts are and how to teach your kids to use the power of their thoughts!
5- The definition of real beauty and how to truly accept yourself !


Five Experts in their industry are collaborating to bring you the information you need to succeed in your life!

Shannon and Dino Watt creators of The Business Of Marriage are personally redirecting the trend of divorce across the globe! The Business of Marriage training helps people incorporate basic business systems, and fresh ideas on communication and intimacy into relationships. They are well known as the best in the industry for helping couples create passion, unity and fun into their marriages! They are also the authors of several books and cd’s including The Business of Marriage  Creating million Dollar Marriages

Shannon and Dino will give you ideas to implement NOW in your marriage to increase closeness and trust and even how to argue successfully!


Nicholeen Peck world renowned author and teacher of “Self Government”. What Nicholeen teaches parents and children has saved thousands of families! Nicholeen and Spencer Peck are parents of four and previous foster parents of many.  They have been trained and certified in using the “Teaching Family Model”, which was developed at Boys Town and is used by the Utah Youth Village.  The Pecks did foster care for very difficult teens.  They taught children with ADHD, OCD, kleptomania, compulsive lying, anger control issues, etc.  Nicholeen said, “I taught behaviors, not medication.  They would come to us on many medications and usually leave not on any medications.  Many children are misdiagnosed.  They just need to learn cause and effect better.”  Nicholeen has been teaching self government skills to people all over the world for 11 years and has published a book on this subject called “Parenting A House United.”  They have a new Implementation Program that Nicholeen calls, “…the greatest thing we have to offer families yet!”

Nicholeen will help you look at parenting in a whole new way and give you skills to help your kids be responsible and help you feel closer to each other!


Tony Purcell is a money and relationship expert and the author of You Have The Power To Conquer Your Life: How to Create True Lifelong Transformation. After spending years teaching people how to succeed with money, Tony realized none of it mattered if their relationships were not in order! He took the skills he’d used personally to create a thriving marriage, plus everything he knew about money, and began helping people excel in every area of their lives. As a speaker, trainer, mentor, author and business coach, Tony has influenced thousands of lives for good.

Tony will help you see money in a whole new way which will help you break through to the next level of abundance and security!


Valerie Ackley has mastered the law of attraction and the power of thoughts to improve her life, parenting, personal struggles and more.  After gaining a better understanding of the effect thoughts have on every aspect of our lives, she had a strong desire to introduce these concepts to her sons. The idea for “What are You Thinking?”, her book for children, was born. She now speaks and teaches adults and children how to use their thoughts to create success and joy in their lives.

Valerie will make the applying the law of  attraction and being positive so easy you’ll be able to teach it to your kids!


Amy Walker is the President and founder of A Celebration of Real Beauty Foundation. The Foundation hosts large scale community education events with the goal of promoting healthy self-image in women of all ages. Amy believes each woman has a unique brand of beauty that should be embraced and celebrated. Amy also works in schools teaching girls about body image and personal value. Amy is a Wife, Mother, Trainer and Mentor. She wears many hats and understands the value of balance. Amy has been married to her husband Stephen for 12 years. They have 4.8 sons ages 10, 7, 5, 16 months and boy number 5 will be born in December. Amy recognizes that women are at the heart of every strong society. Her mission is to assist women in valuing themselves so they can create the strength they need to fulfill their many demands. Amy works with individually with clients and speaks to groups. She has trained for many different organizations including; Utah State office of Education, Utah Women’s Realtor’s Council, Mary Kay Cosmetics, State Farm Insurance, Keller Williams, Lifetime Products, Parker Hannifin, private and church groups and more. Amy has created an audio library to support women in their education that includes 7 CD’s. Her Powerful Parenting Forum is being used in charter schools. Amy loves working with and inspiring women of all ages. Amy’s motto: When you impact a woman, you impact her entire community!”

Amy will help you see yourself and others in a whole new way!


Get the knowledge you need to be more connected in your relationships.  Get the knowledge you need to live with more peace and joy NOW!


Register today!

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