I Would Love to See Your Fall/Harvest Party/Halloween Pictures

So I went and voted bright and early this morning before 8 AM. No lines, it was perfect. The deed is done! I have a desire to lighten things up around here so please share your Halloween and Harvest Party pictures in the comments box below. I would love to see them. I would love to see how you celebrated fall/Harvest/Halloween, as long as you don’t post gory pictures.

I LOVE that we have had such beautiful weather lately, perfect for playing football. My son actually got me out in our backyard to play football with him last week. It just seems to make Halloween more benign to me somehow. The picture at the top of this post is my kids and the friends we had over for our Harvest Party, although I cheated and took this picture two days later at the Treehouse Museum, which has costumes at every turn. We don’t have a great selection of dress ups so maybe if I take my kids to the museum every year and to my sister’s grand dress-up collection in October like I did a few weeks ago they won’t resent me when they are grown and realize I deprived them of years of trick or treating.

The kids raided my sister’s dress-ups above, and had fun with friends at the Treehouse Museum in Ogden below.

We had our Book of Mormon party on Halloween night. It was simple and fun. I didn’t go all out and do glowing rocks for the brother of Jared or a lighted tree of life, like this blog post I found. I had to face reality that I didn’t have time or money to do those things! I simplified. The kids dressed up and got my husband to dress up. We had the girls over that I teach piano lessons to plus the rest of their family.  Their mom is a dear friend. We played Book of Mormon charades and pictionary and then had white bean pizza (recipe coming soon) and salad. I wanted to serve the pumpkin cookies with yummy yam frosting that I posted earlier but they weren’t done yet! Then they left to go trick or treating and our second round of guests came, my friend Katie who is co-mentor with me for our Sword of Freedom class on the Civil War. 

I had a fulfilling weekend and haven’t really had a chance to blog as much as I would like.  On Friday our Sword of Freedom class held a mock Gettysburg battle using air soft guns. I decided I would rather babysit 6 children 8 and under instead of 8 children 12 and older with guns so I got a parent to go battle for me while I took my co-mentor’s children to Treehouse. Then we had to rush home and swap kids and take our daughter to GWU’s Open House at its new Salt Lake City campus. She is college shopping and I hope she picks either GWU or one of the BYUs. We will see what happens. She is set on another college but I know what it’s like to be almost 17 and full of dreams (that change). She graduated from her Eternal Warriors class the night before, which my friend Aneladee mentors. I am really happy about that! See picture below.

My husband hatched a plan to get my firstborn who is 19 home for the weekend from Provo, where he is living and working a full-time job, before he leaves for his LDS mission the end of this month. So he got our oldest son who is carless to come to the open house by riding UTA. Oldest son got  to see us and his GWU chums (he went there last year for school), and even took off with them after the Open House to party instead of coming home with us, although he rode public transportation home late that night to spend the weekend with us. Another son was at a teenage party for his ballroom dance class. With one car and the open house to attend, that took some finagling to get him there! I didn’t really want to go to bed with two sons out, thinking of Pres. Benson’s admonition to be at the crossroads of your children’s lives. So I stayed up and indulged in Facebook, looking at my sister’s pictures of her cute kids at Halloween. She’s so good about taking pictures every year and having really cute costumes. That’s one thing I haven’t missed, is coming up with costumes, since I banned Halloween in this home years ago. Those pictures make Halloween more benign to me as well. Here is her picture from last year. So cute!

I think next year I will plan more ahead and maybe still do the Book of Mormon party on Halloween, to show satan I am not celebrating his day, but the most correct book on earth. Then to turn the whole thing into a three day Harvest festival, maybe I will do a big party on All Saints’ Day, November 1, for great saints who have died for the cause of Christianity. We will maybe dress up but at least tell the story about that person. Ambitious, I know, especially when I don’t really like to come up with costumes! Maybe I can just assemble a big collection of huge pieces of fabric. I found my friend Liz’s blog here where she shows how to come up with costumes from simple blocks of fabric.

I also want to remember our ancestors on All Souls’ Day, Nov. 2. I just found out about this day. It seems like a fall Memorial Day when people visit their loved ones’ graves. Maybe by then I will be burned out and just tell stories of ancestors over dinner.  I want my kids to get more excited about the heroes of history, including their own ancestors, and see that these people have left us a legacy of liberty and light. It seems appropriate to do this at harvest time and even Halloween.

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