Audios are Available for the 2012 LDS Homeschool Conference


I just got a message from my friends Amy and Tresta about the mp3s being ready for the LDS Homeschool Conference held in August 2012:

The audio recordings are available and up on our website!

The LDS Homeschool Conference took place in August at the American Heritage School in American Fork, Utah.  Many who attended commented on the how they enjoyed the beautiful building, the wonderful speakers and the personal touch of thank you cards, family dance and youth panel.  Some of the presenters included:  Michelle Stone speaking about Celestial Education; Sam Martineau, a well known Speech and Debate homeschool teacher; American Heritage introducing “The Family School, an LDS Curriculum; Myra Johnson on loving Mothers in homeschool, and many, many others.

All of the recordings are available

Join us next year for an event filled with wonder, ideas and spirit lead discussions for your LDS Homeschool Endeavors.  We pray for your success and happiness in teaching your children.

With Increasing Light and Learning,

Amy Hansen & Tresta & Thom Neil




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