Enjoy Sweet Treats this Holiday Season Without Overeating or Gaining Weight

The holidays are coming! That means turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, more pie, Christmas trees, hot cocoa, sugar cookies, lights, fudge, toffee, egg nog, music, gingerbread, presents, and more food! It’s enough to make any girl gain a few sizes!

Do you look forward to and dread the onslaught of treats at the same time? Does neither abstinence nor self-control work for you, because you end up bingeing and overeating? Do you just wish sugar wasn’t soooo enticing?

Come take this 4 week mentoring course over the phone and break free of sugar addiction forever, while still enjoying sweet treats. Start the New Year with no extra pounds to lose and a transformed you that has made peace with sugar! You don’t have to swear sugar off forever, but you can make it so you simply don’t want to and can’t eat much of it. What would it be like to have no more sugar cravings? What would it be like to be able to enjoy sugar without eating too much? You can reach that place, I can teach you how!

Break Free of Sugar Addiction Teleseminar (over the phone)

Classes meet on Fridays


Dec. 7 

Dec. 14

Dec. 21

Dec. 28






on the phone for one hour

Phone number will be emailed to you at the time of registration.

4 hour long telephone mentoring sessions

Cost is $47

Classes will be recorded so you can listen at a later time if you miss the class.

To register, send payment by paypal to info (at) treeoflifemothering (dot) com.

If you would like to arrange another method of payment please call Celestia at 801-544-7548.

You will learn:

  • why white sugar is so bad for you (like we need to know more, just kidding, but yes! Some scientists say white sugar even causes cancer.)
  • why willpower alone simply doesn’t work for avoiding sugar
  • what foods you can eat that minimize and even ELIMINATE cravings for sugar
  • how to make scrumptious, wholesome versions of your favorite treats using natural sweeteners: pumpkin pie, hot cocoa, fudge, cheesecake, brownies, thin mints, gingerbread, toffee, sugar cookies, pumpkin spice bread, chocolate chip cookies, peppermint stick ice cream, and more (a PDF of recipes is included in the cost of the course)
  • customized information for gluten free and pregnant participants
  • how to enjoy sweet treats without overeating and bingeing
  • how to feel satisfied, nourished, and full of clarity and energy
  • the four steps to conquering sugar addiction FOREVER!

End the cycle of overeating, gaining weight over the holidays, and then dieting! This mentoring course will allow you to conquer sugar addiction for LIFE!

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