Class on Making Naturally Healthy Holiday Treats, some are GAPS approved!

You are invited to a…


Naturally Healthy Holiday Treats with Whole Foods and Essential Oils Baking Class
Saturday December 15
10 AM to 12 Noon
Tara Kinser’s home
(comment below if interested and I will email you the address)
free bottle of orange oil to those who come and
handouts of recipes!
After Christmas do you end up getting sick from all the sugar depressing your immune system? Would you like to learn how to make treats from natural sweeteners and whole fats that boost your immune system? Come to this class to learn how to make the traditional holiday treats with God-made, immune-boosting fats and sweeteners that won’t add inches to your waistline or make you sick!
We will begin with a brief Intro to Oils Class and then move into the kitchen to learn how to incorporate the oils into your holiday baking.  Demonstrations will be given and there will be treats to sample!  We will have recipes for pies, fudge, no-grain gingerbread men, other GAPS diet treats, appetizers and more.  We will also learn how to make fun holiday decorations and simple gifts using the oils. Please RSVP to Tara by email, happyinthekitchen at gmail dot com or text.  801-686-3605  See you there!

The past two days I have had so much fun baking and cooking real food Christmas treats! Being a missionary mom makes me do out of character things, like bake or cook treats for the holidays, which I haven’t done in I can’t even remember how long. I’ve never felt like I had the time, money, or energy on top of doing my normal things (nursing babies, cooking 3 meals a day, homeschooling, chauffeuring, refereeing quarrelsome children, etc.) to even eke out something remotely yummy and sweet and my poor family has had to rely on white sugar neighbor gifts for holiday treats. But this year is different! This year I am inspired and I am also in a different season in life when I have more help from the older children, and more time to bake because I don’t have a baby who is constantly nursing.

I got tempted by some GAPS recipes for treats my friend Tara told me about. This includes the chocolate peppermint marshmallow delights pictured at the top, the white fudge right above, and the gingerbread cookies below. They looked sooooo yummy, I just had to try them out and send them to my son. He is not on a GAPS diet, or even a whole foods diet despite his mother’s healthful teachings. When he moved out to attend college last year he promptly bought himself Top Ramen, Kraft ranch dressing, and mayonnaise, all of which are verboten in my home. But maybe it was just because he was a starving student, working full time and attending school time and didn’t have much time to fix totally healthful food. To his credit, I did notice that the bought sprouts and bananas. Anyway, I have been having fun fixing these treats and will post recipes after the class is over, next week. If you want to know the recipes before then, please come to the class!

. So we made gingerbread men (these aren’t GAPS friendly, but I do have a GAPS, grain free gingerbread recipe I will post soon, two kinds of fudge, two kinds of marshmallows (I have never ever made marshmallows

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