Classic Christmas Stories on Audio for Free

I heard about this story last year from the prophet Pres. Monson. It is a beautiful story about overcoming selfishness.  You can listen to it here. It’s part of a collection of short stories on that page, scroll to the middle to see it. The above cover comes from the Deseret Book publication of the story, with beautiful illustrations.

Then there’s the Cinnamon Bear. This story was originally written for the radio and involves 26 episodes. I have listened to a few of them with my younger children. I haven’t decided if it’s brain candy or a true classic, where you can learn something new every time. I do know that my 6 and 8 year olds clamor to listen to them, which we do while folding laundry or doing dishes.  I will let you be the judge. All the episodes can be downloaded here.

I started listening to this next one while I was making Christmas treats to send to my missionary son. I haven’t finished it but it is promising, if not a little sentimental. You can listen to it here. says this about The Christmas Angel:

Disagreeable old Miss Terry spends her Christmas Eve getting rid of toys from her childhood toy box. One by one she tosses them onto the sidewalk in front of her house, then secretly watches the little scenes that occur, which seem to confirm her belief that true Christmas spirit does not exist. Then the Angel from her childhood Christmas tree appears to show Miss Terry that she has not yet witnessed the final act of each of those little dramas…

Living Age magazine in 1910 observed of The Christmas Angel, “Not since Charles Dickens laid down his pen forever has there been a prettier Christmas story written, one more full of the real spirit of Christmas or conveying a more seasonable lesson.” (Summary by Jan MacGillivray)

Here’s Librivox’s version of a Christmas Carol. We listened to it in the car last Sunday as we drove to a Journey to Bethlehem simulation. More on that later…

Here is the Mormon Channel’s version of Dickens’ masterpiece, A Christmas Carol, fully dramatized. It’s so dramatized that it was a bit too scary for me and some of my kids so we prefer the librivox version.

I picked the story below because it sounds full of old-fashioned outdoor winter amusements with rambunctious boys. We’ve listened to the first few chapters and so far it is a great story. You can find the audio version here.

The next goodie is actually a play intended to be performed by children, written by Shepherd Knapp. I actually have not found an audio version, but it sounds so fun I am including the link to the text version here. If anyone finds the audio version please let me know. Here are the author’s words about the play from the preface:

This play is intended, not only for acting, but also for reading. It is so arranged that boys and girls can read it to themselves, just as they would read any other story. Even the stage directions and the descriptions of scenery are presented as a part of the narrative. At the same time, by the use of different styles of type, the speeches of the characters are clearly distinguished from the rest of the text, an arrangement which will be found convenient when parts are being memorized for acting.

The play has been acted more than once, and by different groups of people; sometimes on a stage equipped with footlights, curtain, and scenery; sometimes with barely any of these aids. Practical suggestions as to costumes, scenery, and some simple scenic effects will be found at the end of the play.

What sort of a Christmas play do the boys and girls like, and in what sort do we like to see them take part? It should be a play, surely, in which the dialogue is simple and natural, not stilted and artificial; one that seems like a bit of real life, and yet has plenty of fancy and imagination in it; one that suggests and helps to perpetuate some of the happy and wholesome customs of Christmas; above all, one that is pervaded by the Christmas spirit. I hope that this play does not entirely fail to meet these requirements.

If you have any favorite Christmas stories on audio, please share below.

Merry Christmas and Happy Listening!

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