A New Christmas Movie For You

Every year we like to watch the same movies the week before Christmas: It’s a Wonderful Life, The Muppet Christmas Carol, and The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (yes, it’s not just a picture book, but a movie as well). OK, so this year because of lack of planning and procrastination of Christmas shopping, it’s been just one of those, and the others will have to wait until after Christmas.

But I have to admit I am ready for a new classic. I saw this in the Deseret Book catalog. It’s by the same guy, Christian Vuissa, who did the beautiful movie about LDS sister missionaries called The Errand of Angels, as well as the movie about Joseph Smith called Plates of Gold. It’s about the story behind Joseph Mohr, the creator of the classic Christmas carol, “Silent Night.” Show this movie to your kids and inspire them to be a good rebel who is willing to break unnecessary rules. Mohr went against his superiors to organize a church choir full of outcasts who sang in German instead of Latin. We already have plans for Christmas Eve, but we will be watching this sometime later this Christmas Week. You can read a review of it here.

The super news is you don’t have to buy it or call around the neighbors to see if someone has it, you can watch it for free here on BYUtv.

I don’t see my little kids sticking around to watch the whole thing, they will probably go off and play, but it will definitely hold the interest of the 12 and ups in the family. And when we are done watching it, we will watch the making of it right here.

Merry Christmas!

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