Star of Wonder: the Story Behind the Star

I went for years without letting the wonder of the Christmas Story awaken me to thinking beyond the miraculous parentage of Jesus. I guess all the presents every year overshadowed the simple wonder. But now that I am a boring adult who knows all the Santa presents that are coming, (except for that mysterious beautiful piece of wood that appeared in my living room a week ago and looked like a gorgeous new cutting board possibly made by my son and his Scout leader who teaches high school wood shop and then disappeared just as mysteriously) I can wonder about other stuff.

Just how did a star get born thousands of years after the world was created? And where is that star now? The Littlest Angel story tells us that the star came for the littlest angel’s gift to the Christ child, but there is a more scientific explanation. You can order the DVD here.

Here’s what an LDS astronomer has to say about the star of Bethlehem.

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