Why We Fail at Our New Year’s Goals: an LDS View of the Psychology of Addictions

I am so excited this video is done! It features Maurice Harker, founder of Life Changing Services, (his super awesome blog is here) talking about why we fail at goals and New Year’s resolutions. It has an LDS perspective and is full of insights and eternal principles you have probably never heard before. He teaches how Satan changes brain chemistry to get us to do things we know aren’t good for us (insert any addiction here:  too much sugar, Internet, social media such as Facebook and Pinterest, gossiping, porn in any amount, etc.)

It is the video version of the audio that I blogged about at the end of last summer. So some of you already have it as an mp3 file because you requested I email it to you. Well, now you can watch it! I highly recommend you all watch it as a family and discuss it. Then go buy his book here

to get the “how” of how to fight Satan back and come off conqueror! This is a must-have book for every LDS parent, to help you be the victor over any self-deceptive tendencies you have (and let’s face it, we all have them, it’s part of being mortal) and how to mentor your children in being victorious as well.

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