More on the Role of Mom, Breastfeeding and Gut Health

We had a great teleseminar last night with Tara of Happy in the Kitchen with Tara about healing from health challenges with the GAPS diet. If you want to listen to the recording, you can go here. Follow the directions for the January 2, 2013 phone call. You can also follow the directions to download it onto your mp3 player.

It’s amazing that within 24 hours of doing this call, I got two random emails from people who didn’t know I was doing this teleseminar about more resources that talk about the importance of gut health. We moms have such tremendous power of passing on great health. We can do it before birth, through healing our gut health and then passing it on to our children through normal vaginal birth and breastfeeding. After children our born, we can protect and/our change their health through changing their gut ecology by putting them on a GAPS diet. Anybody with any of these conditions could possibly benefit from a GAPS diet.

In this Duke University study here you can read about a study that found that breastfeeding gives babies good gut flora that bottlefeeding doesn’t:

“This study is the first we know of that examines the effects of infant nutrition on the way that bacteria grow, providing insight to the mechanisms underlying the benefits of breast feeding over formula feeding for newborns,” said William Parker, PhD, associate professor of surgery at Duke and senior author of the study. “Only breast milk appears to promote a healthy colonization of beneficial biofilms, and these insights suggest there may be potential approaches for developing substitutes that more closely mimic those benefits in cases where breast milk cannot be provided.”

Then if you go over here you can listen to an interview with Dr. Tim Jackson about gut health and MTHFR. MTHFR is a disease that involves a genetic lack of an enzyme that can cause many problems. It can be involved in many diseases, such as ALS, hypothyroidism, bipolar, leukemia, heart attacks, even miscarriage. You can see a complete list of symptoms here.

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