Why I Am Thinking of Going off Grain: GAPS in a Nutshell

So, just in case you haven’t noticed, Santa doesn’t deliver at least two things: vibrant health, and happy, fun outings with your family. Last week I involved myself in both things. The first I learned more about and the latter one I actually did, both on the same day. The first one comes from daily healthy habits and an understanding of some fun stuff called gut ecology. What I learned about gut ecology last week from my girlfriend is so drastic I am thinking of going off all grains, even whole grains.

What’s wrong with whole grains? Aren’t they the staff of life? Well, before I explain, and get ahead of myself, I want to share the events of the past week, then we will dive in to how grains can interfere with gut ecology.

Before we had our family outing and my girlfriend’s class on gut health  I had to get playing Santa out of the way. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about preventing the after Christmas let-down for me. If I have things in place that I’m looking forward to creating within the days right after Christmas, I don’t feel the post-Christmas let-down.

For the first time in my mothering career I actually fell asleep on Christmas Eve before midnight as I read to my three year old in bed after all the night before Christmas festivities were over. I woke up, fought my tired inner Scrooge, and forced myself to go do the Santa thing with dh. I wonder if any parents have ever fallen asleep exhausted on Christmas Eve thinking they would just sleep for a little bit and then forgot the whole thing. (That would be sad but I would totally relate!)

The first event I planned for after Christmas was to go sledding as a family. Every year we like to do some winter sport on Christmas Eve, but up until two days before Christmas (Christmas Adam) everything was dry and brown as Phoenix. But Christmas Eve transported us to a different world where everything was cloudy, rainy, and then snowy. Dh and I prefer to sled after the snow has accumulated, not before or during, so we promised the kids we’d go after Christmas. So we went yesterday, and these pictures are from that outing. The oldest two kids didn’t go because #1 child in on a mission for the the true church of Jesus Christ

in North Carolina and the second stayed home for some speed healing since she had a cold and sore throat and wants to be well for the Holiday Ball tonight. Thank you essential oils!

The second event was going to a class taught by my girlfriend to learn about the GAPS diet. She has a bunch of friends, now my friends, who live on the west side of my town who are getting into naturally healthy living. They totally remind me of my Veggie Gals group of girlfriends that started over 17 years ago when we were all young moms. Tara started this diet in October.

She is seeing success! She has suffered from eczema and frequent outbursts of shingles. She shared with us why she thinks she keeps getting these symptoms, based on her personal history, and how the GAPS diet has helped her.

She said that in everybody’s gut, there are these little things called enterocytes, or “ents.” They make up the epithelial layer of the gut wall. Their job is to digest disaccharides in carbohydrates. This keeps your body running great. But Things can happen that can make your gut flora unhealthy so that they can’t be good housekeepers and moms for the right amount of ents to be born and move along the ents assembly line. 

Things like: stress, overeating, sugar,  the Pill, antibiotics, and more. All these things cause the bad flora to crowd out the good flora. Then the ents are sad and sick and our bodies get sad and sick. We have undigested food particles go through our gut walls into our bloodstream. We can eat and eat and eat great things like raw food and green smoothies and superfood, but not be able to absorb it all due to the overpopulation of bad flora and the lack of healthy ents.

My girlfriend said that she read in the GAPS book, by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, that there’s even one bad gut flora guy who can absorb all your iron. I’ve been anemic in my past two pregnancies, I wonder if that was the cause.

I am starting to wonder if going on the GAPS diet would help me. Sometimes I can eat and eat, especially if I haven’t had my proper doses of coconut oil, and not feel satisfied and nourished. I invite you to come to a teleseminar to learn more about the GAPS diet, how it would benefit you and your family, how to get started, and how to have continuing support. It’s this Wednesday night, Jan 2, over the phone. Come learn about the teleseminar here.

My son finally got to go snowboarding, yay!

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