Come Hear Don Aslett Speak This Thurs. Night in the Salt Lake Area!

Over ten years ago I heard Don Aslett speak at a La Leche League conference in Florida. He was so hilarious! He has written several books on housecleaning. He spoke about how everyone has a book inside of them. His words motivated me to write my book, which you can access on the tab above that says “my book.”

You can come hear Don speak this Thurs. night in Taylorsville UT! 

It’s for my friend Shauna’s Enrichment Night for Relief Society on January 17th, at 7pm  Sandy Phillips will also be speaking. I don’t know who she is but she must be great if she’s friends with Don!

Address:  6100 Kamas Drive, Taylorsville 84118 or 84129 (the zip code just changed so use one zip code and then the other when finding directions on mapquest or Google maps).

The topic is “Completing Our Goals”.  All attendees will receive one complimentary book: Choose from “Successful People, or “Clean Break” or the new “Idaho Potato Cookbook” that just arrived from publisher last week.  Also Sandy will be giving each person a free bottle of non toxic hand sanitizer called “Pure Works”.   Not sure what its made of but sounds like it is something new that she has concocted.  They will be giving out door prizes all night long and best of all its FREE!

Please comment below if you want to come so I can let Shauna know so they can get head count for supplies to have ready.

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