Get the Scoop on Healing Chronic Yeast Infections

I am thrilled to share that my lovely, gorgeous, beautiful girlfriend Jonell Francis, pictured above, mother of 9 and author of The Feel Good Foods Cookbook is teaching a class Thursday Jan 17 in Alpine, Utah about the connection between food and feeling great, specifically how chronic yeast infections, which typically come from eating the Standard American Diet, can lead to autoimmune disease. 

Here’s what Jonell says:

Hello Friends,

I’m invited to teach another free class this Thursday, January 17th at 6:30pm at The Alpine Clinic, offices of Diane Farley-Jones, MD and Steven Jones MD.  The Yeast Connection to Human Illness covers the anatomy of candida in the body (from acid-reflux and allergies to autoimmune disease) and the intriguing relationship between Candida and Cancer.  This one hour class will be personal, and powerful. You’ll learn not only to recognize a candida problem, but how to heal it.

Best of all, you’ll leave with low cost solutions for returning to vibrant health. Of course you won’t want to miss a sample of our favorite fruit-sweetened, diary-free ice cream from The Feel Good Cookbook. Hope you can join us!

Visit to read more about this missing diagnosis and the real results people are experiencing by embracing the timeless truth that “health begins in the navel.”

Driving Directions:
The Alpine clinic is located at 1175 East, 3200 North in Lehi.  From I-15, take the Alpine Exit 284, head East on Timpanogos Highway (State Rd 92) and turn right at 1200 East.  After 2 blocks turn right again at 3200 North.

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