Did You Know There’s a TJED-based High School?

I got a little behind on posting these videos from the Agency-based Education Conference since I was gone to the Utah Eagle Forum convention on Saturday. Then I had my Monday duties of homeschooling and running errands and having FHE. I want to get back to posting one of these every day over the coming week. They are so good at motivating a mom or dad to homeschool and find alternatives to traditional jr. high and high school.

Here’s Celia Johnson, one of the founders of a charter high school, Paradigm High of South Jordan, Utah, that is based on TJED (Thomas Jefferson Education). She tells the fun story of a girl at the school who knew she had a gift to give the world, which was her mission in life. TJED very much focuses on preparing students to find out what their mission is and live it. A visitor came to the school, I think it was someone from the state accreditation committee, who talked to the girl. The girl said she had a gift to give the world and was excited to share it. Then she asked the man what his special gift was. He was so startled. He said that no one had ever asked him that. It’s so sad that the typical educational system in our society produces people who don’t know what their mission in life is. That’s one reason I choose to homeschool. But that’s not to say you can’t have a child who is public schooled who senses what his mission in life is. You just have to work hard to help them recognize it under all the stresses of compulsory education.

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