Sugar Addiction Mentoring Is Here Again!

It’s a New Year! Do you want to finally conquer your sugar addiction?

We all know that sugar can make you fat and gives you tooth decay.  Did you also know that…

  • sugar is the one food that makes you age faster than all others?
  • sugar makes you sick?
  • sugar can be just as addictive as alcohol and have the same effect on your brain as being drunk?
  • sugar can lead to hear disease, cancer, and diabetes?
  • sugar can interfere with your ability to feel alive, vibrant, and well?
  • sugar can make you feel depressed?
  • sugar can interfere with your ability to parent in a calm, rational, and loving way?

Does neither abstinence nor self-control work for you, because you end up bingeing and overeating? Do you just wish sugar wasn’t soooo enticing?

Come take this 4 week mentoring course over the phone and break free of sugar addiction forever, while still enjoying sweet treats. Start the New Year with no extra pounds to lose and a transformed you that has made peace with sugar! You don’t have to swear sugar off forever, but you can make it so you simply don’t want to and can’t eat much of it. What would it be like to have no more sugar cravings? What would it be like to be able to enjoy sugar without eating too much? You can reach that place, I can teach you how!

Break Free of Sugar Addiction Teleseminar (over the phone)

Classes meet on Fridays from 2 to 3 PM MT

Feb 1

Feb 8

Feb 15

Feb 22

Cost is $47. You get four 60 min. mentoring sessions and a packet of yummy recipes! You will learn the four simple steps to overcoming sugar addiction that will help you conquer your addiction for life! You will also learn how to involve God in your battle.

Please email me at celestia at treeoflifemothering dot com if you are interested!

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