Another Secret for Pain Free Childbirth

I am so excited to hear this…but it almost sounds too good to be true. I’m always searching for tips on easing pain during childbirth.

Today on her blog, Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist, shared a secret for pain free childbirth. What great timing, as I am nearing the seven year anniversary of my last natural birth. It’s hard to believe that something so cute and little can cause so much pain. But she was well worth it. I can’t imagine life without her. (See her adorable picture above at six months of age.) Her birth was so painful that I sought out an epidural when I had my next baby three and a half years later. And I am a huge advocate of natural birth! (Of course, the stress I was undergoing in my last pregnancy pushed me over the natural crunchy momma edge, but that’s another story for another time.)  The memory is still fresh in my mind of how painful that birth was seven years ago. Yes, my little girl turns seven years old next week and I still remember how freaked out I became at the end, right before transition, right upstairs in my bedroom as I labored away.

Here’s my baby girl last summer with her look-alike cousin at a family party.

I felt like I had a washing machine agitator inside of me. You would think that with her being my sixth child, my fifth natural birth and my fourth home birth I would have felt uber confident and known when I was hitting transition (that feeling of  “I can’t do this any longer! Help!”) but I still felt scared and ignorant of what was going on. I thought I still had hours of the pain to go when in actuality, she was born within minutes of the intense pain. Wooh, I could go on and on about this birth, but instead, let’s get on to the secret. Are you ready?


raw milk from pasture fed cows! Sarah says that the calcium in the raw milk comes with an enzyme that makes the calcium absorbable by the mom’s body. And it is calcium that lessens the pain of uterine contractions.

You can read the blog post here about it.

I really want to believe this and am going to try it! I want at least one more baby, but I am not quite ready to be in the TTC mode. But when I am, after I finish this GAPS diet I started, I am going to guzzle the raw milk!  I am also going to do the diet for pregnant and nursing moms that the Weston A. Price people recommend. With my last natural birth, I ate whole foods and whole grains but I didn’t know anything about the WAPF pregnancy diet and did not do the sacred, traditional fats. I also didn’t soak my grains. I think a lot of my “good nutrition” was washing out of my body as I didn’t have enough good fat for the fat soluble Vitamins A and D to stick. I just learned last night from the HealThy Mouth Summit that healthy fats are fuel for the adrenal glands to help you feel rested and able to cope with life. I had also been vegan and/or vegetarian for years before I got pregnant with her and I think my nutritional stores were still depleted.

What do you think about consuming raw milk to prevent pain in childbirth? Sarah also says it’s great for combating morning sickness.

Do any of you have experience with using raw milk for either of these challenges?

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