Videos on Agency-Based Education

In November 2012, a group of people got together in Utah to learn about what agency-based education looks like. Agency-based Education is based on the book “Teach the Children” by Neil Flinders, PhD, a former professor of education at BYU. This book is sadly out of print. If you ever come across a copy at a thrift store, snatch that treasure up.

For many people, agency-based education means homeschooling. For some it means using a school that is formed by many parents coming together to form a charter school or some kind of co-operative school. These videos explore the philosophy behind what agency-based education is and how to implement it. Watch and learn! These videos have a lot of gems. I was putting up these videos one at at time, and I will continue to do that, but now I have them all in one place. Enjoy!

Oak Norton, founder of the Agency Based Education organization, asked why aren’t we getting better results from public school educated children when we are putting more money into education then ever before? He quoted Bastiat who said that socialism is a “religion of greed.” Bastiat also said that government-based education can not do everything for everybody . Oak then gave a history of compulsory, or public, education. It is based on socialism.

The above video features Gayle Ruzicka. Gayle started homeschooling in Idaho in the 70s or 80s when it was extremely unpopular. She shares some humor and wisdom about how to homeschool a large family.

This video involves Jack Monnett. Jack wrote a book Revealed Education: the History of Education in the public schools. Jack shares some of the history of public schools in early Utah, how they were came to be modeled after compulsory education models from back east instead of the LDS Church educational model. Few of us realize that the seminar program of the LDS church is a watered-down version of what could have been if the early saints in Utah had followed the prophet instead of wanting what the rest of the US wanted. He doesn’t go into all the depth of that story in the video, you have to get his book to get the whole story.

This video shows Janet Summit, a homeschooling mom from Cache County Utah. She shares her success story of starting a cooperative school for scholars where the moms and dads divide the teaching load.

In this video you will see a lady who helped start Paradigm High, a Thomas Jefferson Education-based high school in Utah.

In this video you will see Jesse Fisher outline the history of compulsory education in America. Most of us don’t realize that in the “land of the free” we have a system of education that came from Frederick the Great of Prussia, which is based on force and teaching students to accept without question in order to be obedient soliders, instead of learning to think for themselves. He also gives several examples of schools that operate on a completely different model of freedom.

Alisa Ellis tells us in this video all about Common Core: why it’s so awful and sneaky and complicated.

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