Keeping From Drifting and Forgetting


Last Friday we went sledding and had a ton of fun! I started my Mothers Who Know class two weeks ago and it has been very helpful to my family. I decided to teach them the principles that I am learning and teaching the other moms in the class. I feel the positive energy and fun from this class spreading into my family already as I share the ideas.

So I taught them one of the ideas of the class, which is that you have six goals you are working on: three of the goals you choose and three are the same for everybody, which are to read your scriptures daily, write a letter to God in your journal, and pray every morning and every night for five minutes each. There’s a lot more to the class, like how to actually fight off the negative voices in your head so you accomplish your goals, but if you want to learn more, come take the class. It’s over the phone so it doesn’t matter where you live.

I used FHE to teach my family and just taught the kids younger than 12 to pick one goal. So we are working on praying every morning, because they are already good at doing it at night. We split up into teams at FHE with a big person helping a younger person make a chart. Then I told them if they got 7 perfect days they could have a reward. I like to choose activities rather than prizes. I told them if I got seven perfect days I would take them sledding. I did get my seven perfect days last week so I took them sledding on Friday. Plus I gave myself a reward of eating some ice cream when they were all gone last night. 🙂  (Yes, I fell off the wagon on my GAPS diet but might go back on soon.)

It was so fun to hear them while they were sledding, saying, “This is awesome!” and “Yabba dabba doo!” We had the whole hill to ourselves since it was Friday morning (one of the MANY benefits of homeschooling). The place is packed on Saturdays. My little girl was singing as she sled and then hiked up the hill to sled again. We had such a great time, I want to always remember how good it felt to take a break from homeschool and have an outing that was a reward for me working on a goal and tracking it. But I’m thinking now, “This should be a reward for them accomplishing a perfect week of hitting their goal.”

I realize more than ever before how important it is to always have goals that I am working on. And to create a goal-setting culture in my family. Not just goals in our heads, but goals written on paper on a chart for all in the family to see, like we do in the class with our Girl Power calendars. It’s so important for me to check in through the day by seeing the goals on the fridge to see how I am doing and also write down my progress.

So I am seeing how I can use FHE every week, and/or weekly mentor meetings to help my kids set their goals. Today is Day 7 for the little ones, and tomorrow they get their reward for a perfect week of skyping their cousin in New Mexico.

Napoleon Hill wrote a book that just recently got published called Outwitting the Devil. In the book, Hill shares how the main goal of the devil is to get us to drift. He wants us to be half awake through life, not really thinking or aiming at anything, just moving from one stimulus to another, always reacting, never acting for ourselves. So he does things to help distract us and make us forget. Napoleon wrote this book after his hit Think and Grow Rich to explain why some people weren’t succeeding with that book. It never got published until just a few years ago, decades after his death. His wife thought it was too controversial because Napoleon shares the truth about how most organized religion and public schools teach people not to think, so that they will keep drifting.  She did not want all the people affiliated with those entities to be angry about this so she told him not to publish it until after her death. Then the manuscript got passed on to his nephew, and reportedly his wife said the same thing, don’t publish this until after my death. I guess both wives are dead now because it is published. It is a very powerful book! 

I can see how I have been a drifter so many times in my life. I’ve had goals and accomplished great things like graduating from a major college but many times I go through phases where I daily stray from what I really want. I can see totally that using my Girl Power Calendar, over and over, every day, for the rest of my life, is a way to keep from drifting, from straying, and accomplishing so many more great things! I imagine having pages and pages of Girl Power calendars, each one as evidence showing that I accomplished doing a certain thing for 28 days in a row. Using this calendar is one way to keep me from drifting on a daily basis. 

Maurice Harker, creator of the Eternal Warriors/Mothers Who Know Course, told us in a training that his wife hasn’t missed a day of reading her scriptures or saying her prayers morning and night for over 10 years or something like that. I want to be able to say that! I want to leave a recorded legacy to my children, papers and papers, showing that I cultivated such other daily habits as:

  • doing at least one random act of kindness for someone
  • exercising with either T-tapp or Pilates every day but Sunday
  • staying away from certain foods
  • studying a classic book for at least 30 minutes
  • fixing a dinner that garners such praise as “This is so good mom, thanks for making it!”
  • keeping a list of people that I pray for every day
  • giving somebody money anonymously
  • spending time with at least one child for 30 minutes
  • reading to my children for at least 60 minutes
  • sharing food with someone outside my family
  • do my skin brushing
  • look at my vision board morning and night for at least five minutes each time
  • write and mail an encouraging note to someone
  • writing for at least 1 hour

It is so fun to dream about all the daily habits I want to master! Maybe someday when my kids have all flown the nest I will be able to do all of the above! Like reading to my grown kids over the phone, ha-ha! Maybe I will read to my grandchildren over the phone or better yet, live next door to them!  What habits do you want to inculcate? This program is the answer I have wondered about for years. I remember hearing President Monson say once in General Conference:

“Where performance is measured, performance improves. Where performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.”

The devil wants us to think that our goals don’t matter, that it doesn’t matter if we write them down, or talk about them, but he’s wrong. It matters sooooo much to have goals, to write them down, and to report them to others. It’s the difference between achieving our dreams and not achieving them. This is the way to measure our performance and report it! I feel so happy to have found this course that I can learn from and share with others!

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