DIY Baby Wipes and Other Recipes for Personal Care and Cleaning Products

For years I cringed every time I bought baby wipes at the store. I didn’t like buying stuff that had unpronounceable ingredients, a sure sign of toxins, but I didn’t have a great recipe for homemade ones. The one recipe I had used baby oil, which is not healthful, and rubbing alcohol. At least I looked for wipes and was always able to find wipes without propylene glycol. But I was never able to find any without alcohol. And I wasn’t willing to buy pricey all-natural wipes at the health food store. Or go really natural and use just plain water on homemade cloth wipes that I recycled from rags by finishing the ends on my sewing machine so they don’t fray. No more, friends, no more! I have found a non-toxic recipe that is easy to make. 

All Natural Baby Wipes

Mix 2 cups water with 2 T fractionated coconut oil

mix in 3 drops each of lavender and tea tree oils 

(easy, just remember 2 and 2 and 3 and 3!)

Cut a roll of THICK paper towels in half. Just use your serrated bread knife and start sawing. Don’t worry, you will be able to cut through the tube! Just keep sawing! Take out the center cardboard tube and put the roll in the baby wipes container and turn the roll around to get all the moisture. Better yet, use a cylindrical plastic container and put the half paper towel roll in upright and pull the wipes from the center.

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