Great Family Movies

Hey, February is almost over! Hooray!!!!! Every winter I have to remind myself that good things come along with early sunsets, gray, drab days as appealing as a bowl of cold oatmeal, and tons of snow. Things like drinking hot cocoa, eating oranges, sleeping in between flannel sheets, and being able to snuggle at night around the fireplace, listening to books being read aloud. And no weeds to pull! I had forgotten that winter nights ALSO make great times to watch something inspirational together, so now that I am reminded, I want to do it a few times in my crazily packed schedule before spring comes and the kids want to play outside after dinner!

Did you know BYUTV has some great movies, FREE?! You can watch the above movie, The Letter Writer, here for free on BYUTV. 

It’s directed by Christian Vuissa. I absolutely love his works! He produced the sister missionary movie called The Errand of Angels. I haven’t watched The Letter Writer yet but I hope it’s as good.

He also produced Silent Night, which I loved. It’s the story behind the man who wrote the lyrics to the Christmas carol of the same name. You can watch it on BYUTV as well. BYUTV also has some great weekly shows you can all watch for free, like The District, a reality TV show about LDS missionaries, The Food Nanny, with an LDS mom of  seven who teaches families how to have regular family dinner, and American Ride, about American history with a guy who likes to ride a Harley. Great stuff! You can watch all of them right from the web site.

Some other great resources for family movies:

  • ZionTube has a lot of Christian-based movies, including LDS-based movies. It also has some old Disney movies like Johnny Tremain and some I had never heard of, like The Swamp Fox, embedded above. It also has tons of old classics about Christian martyrs and missionaries. I love the documentaries about the geography of the Book of Mormon, like the ones embedded below.  It even has Harry’s War, a movie that’s rather hilarious but which seriously questions the legality of the income tax, featuring the mom from the Little House on the Prairie.  Go here for the ZionTube site!

  • Top Documentary Films has some very thought-provoking shows. I just heard about this site from a new friend I met at my essential oils class. She just moved to my town from Arkansas, and she has seven kids like I do and a son on a mission too. She said that she and her older kids watch one of these documentaries every afternoon as part of their homeschool and then discuss it.
  • The LDS Church has a media library here. Click on the different categories on the right. You can find some of the oldies but goodies, like The Phone Call. Some of you youngsters won’t remember that one but I do, as a child of the ’70s. I totally relate to the main character with his head of thick unruly, bushy hair. Most of these aren’t really movies, in terms of feature length films, but they are totally worth watching. The site has all the Mormon Messages, old Homefront commercials for the LDS Church, all the new Bible videos, the old Church video Johnny Lingo, The District, and more!
  • the YouTube channel Disneytv4me has some old, really fun Disney episodes that were on the weekly Sunday night TV called The Wonderful World of Disney. Maybe some of it is brain candy, but I think it some of it is worth watching over and over, at least for my 3 year old. This is the TV series that featured The Swamp Fox. Here’s the episode called “Our Friend the Atom.”

  • and here is an an older blog post I did with some more movie recommendations from me and my friend. Now let’s get popping the popcorn and dig in!
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