Naturally Healthy Birthday Cakes and Easter Treats

Oh, my, word! We had a birthday celebration for one of my teens last month, and I made, in his words, “the best birthday cake ever!” In my years of the quest to find the perfect birthday cake, that is, whole foods (no white flour or white sugar), AND delicious, I think I have found it! He wanted a lemon cake with vanilla frosting so I went to work. The above picture is it! My poor family has suffered through so many years of BAD birthday cakes that taste like cardboard, play-doh, or worse. No more my friends, no more. I am so excited! Come to my class this Saturday to learn how to make it. 

My friend Lynda and I are having a Naturally Healthy Cooking Class on Happy Birthday and Easter treats. Can you believe Easter will be here in less than a month! Come learn how to make real foods treats for it that won’t tax your pancreas or send your kids into a high-sugar orbit.

Saturday March 9

10 AM to 12 noon

67 N 325 E

FarmingtonUT 84025-3415

Come learn how to make healthful birthday cakes (with no white flour or white sugar) and healthful Easter treats like those toxic brightly colored marshmallow peeps and chocolate bunnies. Samples and handouts provided!

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