Countdown to a Christ-centered Easter

I know it’s hard to think about Easter when for some of us there’s still snow on the ground, but can you believe that Easter is less than a month away? Hooray!  It falls early this year, on March 31st! Wow, that’s my nephew’s birthday! What are you doing for Easter this year to make it more Christ-centered?

Every year I vow that I am going to do more in our family celebration to make Easter more Christ-centered. One thing I learned to do that is Christ-centered, from reading this book below, written by my husband’s cousin, is to dejunk my house, in likeness of Christ cleansing the temple during his last week. I think I will set an easy goal of throwing away ten things every day that I normally don’t throw away.

I love this book but the only “drawback” is that the activities are designed to fill up the week before Easter, not the whole month before.

Here is a beautiful Easter countdown you can do with your children using the Living Christ Document.

It lasts for 28 days. Since Easter is only three weeks from this Sunday, you will have to double up on some days to get through it all. Maybe do one “day” over breakfast and one “day” over lunch or dinner.

Here are a bunch of crafts you can do about Jesus and Easter, including flash cards to help you memorize the Living Christ.

And this link here has a list of Easter picture books! That makes me happy! Jesus really lives today and loves us! He saves us from every bad, sad thing that has happened or will ever happen to us. Happy Easter everyone!

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