French Fries Are Good For You!

When I was young, making homemade French fries ranked right up there with the same mysteries as to why Elvis had to get fat and die so young, how our neighbor down the street made her Christmas neighbor treat of sugar-coated cheese puffs, why my mom couldn’t have any more babies, and how do Santa’s reindeer fly. How and why? I wanted to know!

As I got older, I wondered why things that taste good have to be bad for you. I felt so sorry for my friend’s dad who was told he had had high cholesterol and he was forever banned from things that taste good. Everything for him was low or no fat, which translates into, NO TASTE! For years, we have heard that to be healthy we have to avoid things like beef and butter and whole cream and bacon and French fries cooked in real fat! Everything that was naturally yummy was supposedly bad for us. No more friends, no more! The truth has come out! Whole fat made by God, found in nature, is one of the best things you can eat!

The great folks at the Weston A. Price foundation have been telling us for years the TRUTH, as witnessed by the book, Eat Fat, Lose Fat, by Mary Enig PhD and Sally Fallon. And now more people are hopping aboard, like the heart surgeon In this article.

Yes, folks, it’s the high white sugar, high vegetable oil fake foods that are slowly killing you!

I made these French fries pictured above and they were so good! I fried them in beef fat, which I collected after I made some beef broth. These fries were so yummy that I didn’t even need to eat them with ketchup. Did you know that McDonalds used to make fries out of beef tallow? They stopped because of the public pressure to use “healthy” partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. It’s these kinds of oils that are bad for you, as they contribute to atherosclerosis.

So make some fries with your burgers this summer and enjoy every last salty, fatty, crispy, potatoey bite! Here is the recipe. I did not use specifically beef tallow, just beef fat that I had saved from making beef broth. Tallow is the fat around the kidney. It still worked!

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